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    Playing with a couple of smaller than usual cars. The NSU is a monogram, it was always a decent car but the wheels and tires were crap, So I had some extra PCS 10" wheels and tires from Pendles. A quick swap affer a few minutes on the truer and it is like a different car.

    The Fiat is from SCX and it had multiple problems. That SCX motor would barely drag it around the track and all four wheels were wobbly. I added 14" PCS wheels from Pendles and A black stripe motor from the junk drawer with 9/30 gearing. It was just too much motor but smoother. I finally went with an H&R 14K motor with 9/23 gearing and now it cruises about like the car it represents. A very enjoyable driver. [ Click image for larger version

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    Wow, you had some bad luck with those. I have 11 of the Revell-Monogram NSU cars, and none of them needed anything more than truing the wheels and tires before running. That goes for the Trabants, too. And the SCX Fiats were famous for how smooth they ran. Glad you get to enjoy them now. They are a blast. There are a lot of us on HRW who love the little cars, flocks of them. The worst I have had was the old, old, old yellow Scalextric Minis with no chassis. But scratch building a chassis for them is easy at least.


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      I like small cars too. Some of my NSU's didn't need anything, others had bad tires. I posted here some time ago about needing some aftermarket tires for my NSU's and Trabants, and HRW member David ( WB2) sent me a link to an Ebay seller from France that had tires for my NSU's (thanks again David!).

      I just recently went and checked back with that seller to see if he started offering something for the Trabant's, and saw that he no longer ships to the US. I still haven't been able to find aftermarket tires for my Trabant's - if anyone knows where they can be had, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know. Some of my Trabants are getting undriveable, the tires are so bad.

      With several of my Carrera's and Fly's having tires that are turning hard and useless, I wonder if someday I'll have cars that are delegated to the shelf simply because tires for them are no longer available.



      • WB2
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        I was just informed the French gentleman has passed away.

      • waaytoomuchintothis
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        Look at the code for Paul Gage tires. Measure the 3 things that make the code and you will find what you want. Its impossible to list everything a tire will fit, so going by the code index will serve you best. Also, I think I remember Yellow Dog Urethanes had tiny tires, too. I found tires for my MGAs there.

      • SlotCat
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        WB2, I'm sorry to hear that he has passed, thanks for the update.

        Waytoomuchintothis, Yes, just ordered some Paul Gage Urethanes to try out on my Carrera plastic track. Good tip on the Yellow Dog Urethane tires too.

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      Paul Gage has tires for just about everything, I think, For real small wheels maybe 1/43 tires would work


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        I had a Scalextric MGB that was nothing but a handful.
        I recently installed a DArt 14K motor and 10 tooth pinion. Car was transformed. No longer relegated to the shelf, it’s an entertaining little car.
        Car has PG urethane rear tires, Slot.It guide, 7 gram weight, and magnet replaced with a piece of .064 brass strip.
        Lights were also removed.

        Click image for larger version

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        • SlotCat
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          Those MGs are cool little cars, don't have one yet but I like shorter wheelbase cars for my track. Love me some Ford Escort Mk1 and MK2. Need something to tame my narrow top-heavy Scalextric Ford Cortinas magnet free.

        • slowshoes
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          My MG's responded well to weight on my Ninco track. (always run my cars non mag).

        • SlotCat
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          Snowshoes, good to know thanks!