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Adjusting downforce

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  • Adjusting downforce

    The club I'm in now likes their traction magnets. I wish I could wean them off of them, but for now, traction magnets are a reality. The club just bought a Magnet Marshal, so now they can enforce a DF limit. The question is, how do you adjust your magnets? Some Carrera's have what looks like a bracket that looks it would be easy to put shims on the bracket screws., Scalextric & others... the traction magnets snap into a pocket that has no provision for adjustment.

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    for the scalextix cars you can buy thinner bar magnets that have less pull and you can also place metal shims between the magnet and the track to also decrease the DF you can also use heat to decrease the magnet force but once down there no going back...
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      On some of the Carrera's you can adjust the magnets up/down a bit using the screws on the magnet holder brackets, on cars with immoveable magnet pockets, you can,..............1/ use larger/smaller tire diameters,..2/ use weaker/stronger magnets,.....3/ remove the magnet, and put a piece(s) of tape , or thin styrene on the bottom of the pocket, and glue the magnet in, 4/ remove the magnet a heat it a bit with a lighter (this will slightly reduce the magnet strength......forever), 5/ use a thin piece of brass/steel etc. glued to the bottom of the chassis under the magnet (if this plate is too thick it may rub on the track, and many clubs' do frown on this, or have rules against it).

      All of these are trial and error procedures, and may take a few tries to achieve the correct downforce level.

      Chris Walker

      I like your initial idea of getting the club to do away with magnets ..........


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        Placing thin sheets of metal above the magnet usually increases the down force.
        And placing under (if there's room) will reduce the downforce.
        Here's a trick to try if placing under. Use a narrow piece and place it in the middle of the magnet (there's no downforce from the slot) and divide the downforce over the rails...
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          Suggest racing slower classes that didn't have "downforce" or aerodynamics such as a 50's F1 , pre 1963 vintage sports car or classic Nascar and race without magnets, maybe even less RPM motors, that's what we do in our club in addition to racing magnet classes. both are fun, just different
          Rick Davis
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            'metal' shim must be either steel or magnetic shielding material - tape, lead, or other materials that don't affect magnetic fields don't work.

            We have a 25g magnetic force rule and reduce it with steel shim under the motor. If you need to reduce it a bit more put some on top of the motor. I had a neo mag motor with huge magnetic effect and ended up with shim all round to reduce the effect, you're trying to prevent the magnetic field escaping.
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              the other materials move the magnet further from rails...

            • Kevan
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              Lifting the magnet moves it further from the rails.