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  • CG Slotcars HOTT Looking Car

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    Matt, when you’re ready, we have to know more about this little car. I think it’s a Birdcage ?
    The Jester

    Soxside (Chicago)

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      Yes please.
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        I’ve seen them in person at The River Run; very nice performing car and the attention to detail is unreal!



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          No one has done a decent version of this car (Maserati Birdcage), RTR. How much? I'll sell one of my expensive Racer cars to get this if its good.

          While we're at it, how about a 3500 GT? I've loved it since my HO days.
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          • KK Racing
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            Anni Mini actually made a wonderfull version of this car many moons ago. It came on the Ninco Ferrari 166 chassis. I will post a photo below. These do come up on the aucton sites from time to time.

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          Daddy likely


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            Sign me up please!
            Mike - Galena Ohio

            "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal



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              I'll reach out to Matt to ensure he is aware of this thread. Matt decided to take on gravity while skateboarding and gravity won - as a result, he's in a cast (broken arm) for the next several weeks.

              email: [email protected] phone: 603.753.6263


              • docdoom
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                hey i can relate the fall not bad. it is the sudden stop that hurts

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              Bad day for falls. I was sweeping all the acorns and leaves off my deck and fell through, crashing my arm against the brickwork of the house and took off so much skin that meat is showing. We had so much wet weather for the last 20 months that I knew there was a possibility that the old decking might be soft, but I never saw this coming. My leg went through up to my- uh... boys, and I had to be pulled out by a neighbor. I'm a mass of bandages and pain. phooey.


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                Looks like Electric Dreams has a pre-order listing but, with a badly broken R arm very near the wrist, it may be awhile before Matt is able to fill orders.

                Bob G. ..... Boston, North Shore


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                  That car is beautiful! Hope y'all that had falls etc, are well ASAP and happy Friday!


                  • waaytoomuchintothis
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                    Thanks. I think Dr. J. Beam is in residence this afternoon. I have a stat call out for him. Relief is in sight.

                  • SlotCat
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                    Haha, was just texting coworker about refreshments, sounds good and I'll take mine over ice (stirred, not shaken) and a bit on the strong side.
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                  You have a good eye Tony - thank you for picking up on that car!

                  What a strange year it's been..... I guess a little story on where I've been and why the birdcage hasn't hit the streets yet is needed.
                  I was in Wisconsin at the start of October for the SCCA Runoffs at Road America. I've been known to abuse a car or two in my day - and qualifying for the event was easy this year - so I figured I would get out there and support the class (FC).
                  We were supposed to be out there for the week - testing, qualifying and racing.... I brought my son out to help for the week and every morning we would stop at the skateboard park so he could enjoy what Sheboygan Wisconsin had to offer. He picked up skateboarding during the pandemic.... First quali was Tuesday and I landed about mid-field on old tires and some huge understeer... Wednesday we talked about the changes we were going to do (more front wing, new tires etc etc) over coffee while my son was skating around.... Then I decided to get a picture of him to text home - everything was going to go according to plan.... Then the next thing I know I was on his board for 5-10 minutes.... Then the next thing I was in the ER with a wrist that looked like a chicane... Snapped my radial bone by my wrist with what they refer to as 9mm of displacement. I had a skateboard from 8 to 14 - and no "parks" within 1000 miles - so I couldn't resist trying the place.... I had fun - up to a point.
                  So the rest is history now - Blew winning the runoffs, flew home the next day, surgery to put a plate and 8 screws in my wrist and a few weeks of not trying to twist my wrist for anything! I just started typing last week with both hands and I can just about squeeze a tube of toothpaste with it! Its coming along nicely. Hoping to be back in the race car in January....

                  Some wise guy who shall remain nameless other than his first name is Steve and his store colors are yellow and black - keeps sending me nifty things like a t-shirt that says "gravity won" and a "No Skateboarding" sign for the driveway....... I was telling everyone it only hurts when I laugh, so he wanted to keep me laughing I guess. Thanks Steve!

                  So the birdcage! It's as close to scale as one could get.
                  It's been so long I've forgotten most of the details.... But I've been back in the shop working on the final assembly of the first 30 examples this week. The proxy car chassis is a little different than the version being sold.... The chassis is laser cut stainless steel, .09" thick (proxy car was .06"). It has 15x5.5 insert rear wheels made special by CB Design for me(proxy has 15x5 I made). The front wheels are completely 3D. 3D printed front end with adjustable ride height, 3D guide and I designed a 3D motorpod that holds a slimline and Policar driveline gears with ball bearings. The slimline and policar bits mean everything fits into the car without ruining the appearance of the car. The pod mounting points (3) almost perfectly balance it in the chassis (it still had to fit in the car- so slight imbalance for that)..... The body - fuel filler cap, exhaust, knock-offs etc is all 3D printed.....
                  I had a 17k slimline motor planed for the production model - but the cars will be equipped with the new 18k Predator slimline . The motor really compliments the thicker chassis well...

                  There are a hundred other details - but why bore everyone!

                  I plan to make some kits available through SCC and Cloverleaf - ED has already for kit versions as well....but at this rate it won't happen until early next year. Just way behind on getting the RTR cars out the door. More artwork at a later date as well...

                  This is a picture of the proxy car setup! Basically the same except for changes mentioned above... There are knock-offs! just missing from this picture....

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	89051648_1460958277405762_6996045496577949696_o.jpg?_nc_cat=107&ccb=2&_nc_sid=da31f3&_nc_ohc=imohIJ0iz_QAX-RAuEg&_nc_ht=scontent-bos3-1.xx&tp=27&oh=b14ddab2c8b95d604d4d9a72a341071f&oe=5FD2C904.jpg
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                  (Harry - none of my cars have been fully vetted until you review them! I'll make sure you get one soon!)


                  • SlotCat
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                    Hope you're well ASAP! I've sworn off of ATVs, skateboards, etc as I'm not a teenager any longer and they're recipes for disaster, hurt myself too many times on them.

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                  Well how can someone not buy one of these! Great car,and looks like you have done it justice with a well thought out chassis.

                  G.P Alberta


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                    This is a photo copied off the internet of the Anni Mini stock version of the Maserati Birdcage. Easier than posting a photo of my own.
                    I often run this car in our Classis Sports Car class against similar Ninco Classics and scratch builds. It's very similar in size and weight to the Ninco AC Cobras. It weighs in around 75 grams fully modified with alloy wheels, gears, bushings and slammed low to the ground.

                    CG has done a wonderful version on theirs I must say and this version looks a little stubby or chubby by comparison.

                    What is the weight of the new CG Slot car version, can anyone share that?
                    Also, can just a body kit be purchased?

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                    • CG Slotcars
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                      Thanks! The proxy car is 60 grams. I imagine total weight now is around 62-63 grams. I'm not sure what a completed body weighs - I'll try to get more information.... I didn't have plans to do just body kits.... Maybe in the future that's possible

                    • KK Racing
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                      That is light, very nice. I will be keeping an eye out for one of these in the future.

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                    Some wise guy who shall remain nameless other than his first name is Steve and his store colors are yellow and black - keeps sending me nifty things like a t-shirt that says "gravity won" and a "No Skateboarding" sign for the driveway.
                    This Steve guy you mention sounds like the thoughtful, caring type. For the record, our store colors are yellow and black too - what a coincidence. I'm thinking I'd like to meet this guy. With regard to skateboarding, it looks like an enterprising skateboard manufacturer has made a deck in your honor. I've taken the liberty to attach a picture.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	First_Try_Skateboard_Deck.jpg Views:	1 Size:	398.6 KB ID:	62949

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                    email: [email protected] phone: 603.753.6263


                    • CG Slotcars
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                      WOW!! That is the board I need for my big comeback! I'm not sure if the store colors are black and yellow or yellow and black - but yes - something is eerily similar!