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Parma gear bushing question

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  • Parma gear bushing question

    The parma bushing for 1/8 to 3/32 axle has a hole drilled in it, is that so one set screw is for the axle and the other set screw goes on the bushing itself.
    Hope that makes sense.
    Is it easy to make your own, I have the correct size brass tubing.

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    Hi Oldspark, line up the hole in the sleeve, with the hole in the gear boss., so you can see the axle.........a single set screw goes into the hole in the gear boss, and through the hole in the sleeve and is tightened on the exposed 3/32 axle.

    You can make these sleeves out of brass or aluminum tube 1/8th od, x 3/32 id.

    Chris Walker

    PS You can buy Parma Crowns with a 3/32 bore
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      Great answer!

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    Thanks Chris, I will try and make one, I have several 1/8 inch gears that I am trying to use for now, need to order some of the 1/32 ones.
    Need to order some more parts, gonna be a long winter. Slot cars are helping me keep my sanity (barely).
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      You may want to consider using aluminum tubing (1/8th od. x 3/32 id.), it is much easier to file/ do not need a round hole, a small square done with a file is just fine,.....just make sure the hole is big enough to let the set screw pass through, and not touch the sleeve.