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Racing BigRigs trucks?

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  • Racing BigRigs trucks?

    Racing BigRigs trucks look really cool and are big in Europe, I love the way the Fly trucks look, but the prices and dunno about the quality. Scalextric has/had three liveries for racing bigrigs only finding the Gulf truck atm, not very detailed, maybe better quality than Fly? Carrera makes the wrecker, ambulance etcetera but not what I'm looking for. Saw youtube user Pin Nuckel had a couple nice videos on the Fly:

    A nice looking Fly truck is about $100 or more on the bay new, Scalextric $40.
    Anybody got experience with the big trucks?
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    I've had two of the Scaley's and a few of the Pauli Fly's and a MadCroc for years. No problems with either and happy with all.
    If I remember right I looked at reviews to know what glitches may be in store on Slotcarouthouse.
    No troubles, plenty of fun,

    (JK makes a vacuformed lexan Euro F1 truck body unpainted too for about six bucks)

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      We race the Scalextric rigs with no magnets and find them to be a lot of fun! They act a lot like a big rig in that they take a bit to get up to speed and stop - but running non mag and drifting them in the corners is a LOT of fun! (just takes a different driving style)
      Have fun!


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        Great input thanks! Anybody got a size comparison between the two? Wish Scalextric had more than three liveries of which only the Gulf is available anywhere I've looked.

        Edit: just bought a Scaley Gulf bigrig truck!
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          Like Todd said, they're fun to drift..
          size is real similar...Enjoy your new Truck!!
          Click image for larger version

Name:	D06B8F5B-FF6A-43A3-A730-9F98D1ABDEB1.jpeg
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ID:	58035 and the next couple of em too!!


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            I have 4 Fly trucks that I love! I will say though, the NSR axle/wheel/tire kits really turn them into a different machine! And then throw in an 18K ScaleAuto Sprinter motor... they're now all dreams to drive! Ohh, don't forget the most important part - the front guide!! I've installed some brass tube (courtesy of Dennis Samson) with a ScaleAuto red guide.
            Click image for larger version

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              The Fly trucks are more detailed than the scalextric. But sometimes has the Fly issues like rough gearing, poor guides and sometimes wobbly wheels.
              Depending on where you are and livery you want, should be $60-$80 plus shipping on eb-y. one seller has sisu for $49 plus ship.
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                With time and a few parts the fly trucks can be a hoot on the race track. The cab overs are really detailed. I have a few sisus. That i used on plastic track and always had a few laughs with.


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                  Stock Fly trucks really do fly!....... I really recommend this class. Our Fly truck class is stock except for guide change and tires. Normal tuning you would use on stock cars applies to the trucks.

                  *very important remove the vertical up down front axle play and get rid of the spring loaded guide with the up down movement

                  Here’s a video of a race with trucks

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                    Nice video Robert!!

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                    Thanks Scott. They are fun that is for sure! Take care!