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    What motor can be put in a CARTRIX F1 if any?

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    Most Cartrix F1 cars came with a can drive FC130 motor, so any of the can drive ones from Slot-it, NSR, Scaleauto, etc. etc. will fit with no issues.

    Our local area clubs run a "Cartrix" F1 class, and a 14/16K motor is mandated. While you can install something with a little more ooommmph, you will likely need to do some chassis/drivetrain mods to handle the extra power. We have been running these for quite a few years, and the 14/16K motors are well suited to them, plenty quick, and with some chassis mods, they get around very well.

    There are 1 or 2 of the Cartrix F1 cars that had an FF050 installed, and there are plenty of these available to choose from, again, I would look at something in the 14/16K range.

    Chris Walker

    PS....I should ask, why do you want to change the motor ??


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      We run our Cartrix Legends Class with NC-1 motors. Perfect match!
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


      • Mitch58
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        Yeah, I keep some in a drawer. The H&R 14K is readily available and very close just a tad faster. There are also a few BWAs in circulation.

      • chrisguyw
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        Al (BWA) still has a couple of thousand of his motors,...both FC130, and FF050,.....if anyone is interested.

      • WB2
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        And how would one contact BWA?

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      Thanks for the response.