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How to Restore Scalextric Classic Track Surface

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  • How to Restore Scalextric Classic Track Surface

    Good day. I have a Scalextric Classic track layout, using about 75% track from the early 2000's. Is there way to bring back the original black finish? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    You could try wiping it down with WD-40. Do not spray WD-40 on the track, spray some on a rag and wipe down the track with that. Try it on a single section before you do the rest.


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      I wouldn't try this. Soft plastic will degrade a lot if you use any kind of solvents on it to try to clean it deeply or make it black again. Maybe paint it black if you really want black again. Most race tracks are shades of gray anyway.... go with your aged track.
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        how about that stuff called new finish that is used to restore plastic on cars? ive never tried it but it works on tv
        bill ,framingham ma


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          According to Tamiya, do not use WD-40 on plastics.


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            Would go with what Dave said , either paint it or leave it be .


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              +1 for Paint It


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                I would suggest taking some Iso alcohol or window cleaner on a rag and wipe down all the track before you plan on doing any painting...just to clean off any type residue left on track from the years AND it won't hurt the surface. Maybe even get some Stainless steel cleaner(for appliances) and wipe down the rails too!! Good luck!!
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                • Dave Kennedy
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                  I would not do that with the rails either. I've seen that type of cleaner eat into Carrera rails and they rusted immediately (within a few weeks) after that. Despite common thought, Carrera rails aren't stainless, they're a mix of metals some of which make it shiny like stainless.

                • Dave Kennedy
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                  I know we're not talking about Carrera track here but I figured I'd throw that in this discussion.

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                If your only concern is the color, I'd leave the old track alone.

                If you look at asphalt paving in the real world you'll see that only new asphalt is actually black. Quite soon the color ages to a soft gray.

                But if you are trying to match the color of your old track to the 25% of your track that is new, my suggestion is you paint the entire track. That will give you both consistent color and consistent traction.

                What kind of paint? Can't say. I've never painted any plastic track. But you might want to go with a gray color. Not only would it be more realistic, it will help make your cars more visible.

                Ed Bianchi


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                  The method that I mentioned is commonly used on plastic HO tracks. Note that I said not to spray WD-40 directly on the track. Plastic track is made of ABS, a type of styrene . If you wanted to just clean the track WD-40 would do that as well as restoring much of the original appearance. There are many solvents that can attack ABS, those should be avoided entirely. See this site:


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                    What the OP is actually looking for is a long lasting restorative.

                    Of all the Genie in the Jug I've tried, one product stood alone. "Back-to Black by Mothers", for bumpers and trim. I've applied it twice over 13 years. Naturally there are rules.

                    1. Apply sensibly. A common shop rag is just fine.

                    2. Let is sit! I apply it in the evening.

                    3. Rub it off the next day. I use an inside out tube sock on each hand. Any terry toweling would be fine.

                    4. Rub the whole track off with one hand, and as you go use the other hand to focus on the rail.

                    5. With silicone tires there is little to no break in

                    6. I dont use any other products. There's no need.

                    Disclaimer: Play it safe. Try it first on a single chunk of your Scaley track. For the record, I didnt have any erosion, degradation, or ruination of Aurora's lane markings.
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                      I would try diluted Simple Green. Simple Green has something in it that restores the color to rubber and plastics. Perhaps try it on a piece of track to see if it works to your liking.
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                        run luke warm water at your kitchen sink. get a pot scrubbing bristle brush. put a little dawn or whatever you have on hand on it and scrub the track with light pressure. rinse and stand upright in dish rack. wipe down with clean cloth, assemble track then have fun. if thats not good enough then paint it. keep the strong chemicals off it.
                        bill ,framingham ma


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                          Thanks everyone for taking the time, to offer suggestions. Some suggestions may result in a 'slippery' surface...poor traction, in would think. I will try some on a sample track section.


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                            The rails are nickel plated and prone to tarnish. Careful with cleaning them, it's only microns thick.