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  • Nonnoslot?

    Has anyone heard from Marco at Nonnoslot lately? I've tried emailing him several times and even left a message on his website, but I've had no answer.


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    Marco is impossible to get a hold of. I am waiting on a large order I placed with him 2 years ago to be delivered. He's got over 1K of my money tied up in F1 cars I am afraid I will never see.

    I have asked numerous times for pictures and updates, and I get the same run around: Yeah, I am working on it, a few more weeks, blah blah blah. He's a thief and BS artist as far as I am concerned. Never get a picture of my cars, nor an apology for them taking as long as they are. Nor an offer of a refund. They have been "just a few more weeks" away for 18 months...draw your own conclusions.

    When I do get a hold of him, its through Facebook Messenger, and I use Google Translate to send it in Italian. Another famous dodge of his for not answering questions is "He can't get to Google Translate to convert your message into Italian if he is just on his phone and away from his laptop".

    Buyer beware with this crook, Bob. I was suckered by the lure of some unique and nice looking cars. Learn from my misfortune if you can!


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      Why doesn't someone pay him a visit...? See what he's really up to?


      • Lindy
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        If any of our Italian friends are able to do that, it would be nice to learn what is going on.

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      I too am waiting on an order for multiple F1 cars. And I know a fellow locally who did buy several F1 cars from him a year or two ago. The curious thing is that he appears to be shipping products to resellers. On 8/12, Slot Car-Union in France sent an email highlighting Nonnoslot's new go-kart line.

      I went back to my Paypal transaction and found this detail:

      +39 3346741727
      [email protected]
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        Unfortunately, he is in Italy, and not very accessible.

        I am a very patient and understanding person. I respect small cottage industries, and the fact that people have lives/jobs outside their side business. Totally get it, totally down with it, fully on board. Spoke with Marco 2 years ago about a 16 car order, told him what I was interested in, and he said yes, he could deliver in ~6 months. Sent him payment for the order, and to date, nothing. No cars, no pictures of progress, nothing, just a whole lot of ducking and empty promises of "I am away from home right now, will send you a pic when I return on Monday" which never comes.

        Now, prior to Covid, he was all over Italy promoting his cars and brand and product, at events, launching new products, etc. He was all over Facebook promoting his brand and activities. My gripe is that if you have time to do that stuff, you have time to finish your orders that you have been paid in full for. I am old school in that regard: finish what you started before you move on to something new.

        Again, I respect someone doing something out of their garage in their spare time, I really do. Had he said "I have run into some issues, and the agreed upon timeline won't be met, but here is a shot of what I have done so far, and your cars are my first priority" I would feel 100% better. Sadly, none of that has taken place, and yeah, stupid me for trusting him as much as I did.

        The sad thing is, I bought 2 of his Abarth cars from Pendle's when they came out, and they are really, really nice cars.


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          looked up his site and looks like he makes really nice cars. but what a piece of work. that is no good for business. Man! what i woul do to have that skill and that company. i want to make my own cars with working differentials like the old school vanquish mg cars. but at a true 1/32 scale. And do the can am cars.


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            (Primarily for rolo I filed a Paypal dispute and sent him a note letting him know that I as asking Paypal for my money back. Paypal responded to me that I was past the 6 month cutoff for such disputes. Interestingly, Paypal must have sent him a notice that I filed a dispute and that "the dispute was decided" in his favor! His response to my email was: "I just got back from a short vacation, I have now seen the whole PayPal controversy, I still apologize for this whole situation, no matter if PayPal has decided in my favor, it's not fair. I will immediately refund you the money for your purchase, the realization of those resin models, in recent months, has become a nightmare for me. I'm sorry I couldn't give you a realistic delivery date and so I'll arrange a refund. With my apologies". Two weeks later, I sent him a response asking where my "immediate refund" was. The next day, I received it via Paypal.

            So bottom line: He advertised the cars as available on his website, but they weren't; he never got around to making them for me; he lied to me about shipping them; lied to me about them getting lost in the mail; he kept pushing out the promised delivery date; he went silent for weeks at a time; but at least after 8 months, I got my money back.

            Buyer beware.


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              Thanks Lindy...I am now at the 2 year mark since sending payment. So, while I have recently requested a refund from him, he just ignores me. In fact, he ignores all my communications. I am out over $1300 from him. Marco is a thief, a scoundrel, and a cheat.

              FOLKS: DO NOT PURCHASE ITEMS FROM HIM DIRECTLY!!! I believe Pendle Slot in the UK has some of his products available if you choose to support this piece of $hit, but know that he has burned fellow enthusiasts and is not a stand up guy or honest person.