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  • Slot It Maserati tuning

    I've done a quick video this afternoon for my own personal top tuning tip especially for Slot It cars. I love this new Maserati and i think it's got bags of potential.

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    Thx! And keep them coming


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      Great video... awesome for the beginner. Keep them coming.


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        Dave, I was very glad to hear your comments regarding not automatically doing wholesale part replacement on cars as it is something that has long irked me. Most cars can be made to run perfectly well with minor tweaks and after all: you can only have one fastest car...

        And yes I do understand that sometimes competition necessitates changes. But that should not be one's immediate, automatic first choice in all cases. Fly cars are a wonderful case in point: I have many essentially stock Fly cars that are a sheer joy to drive. Likewise Carrera. And Ninco. And Teamslot. And AutoArt. And Cartrix. And.... you get my drift!



        • Dave Kennedy
          Dave Kennedy commented
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          Yes, I absolutely hate that almost reflexive reply that most new hobbyists seem to get "oh you have to replace all those parts with $50.00 more parts to make it fast" seems to be so much of the reply all-too-often to new folks. I heard this so many times when I worked for Carrera. So many people were convinced that they couldn't race their new cars they just bought and it infuriated me because all these people would be so sad to hear the car they just bought was "garbage" and needed a complete rebuild.

        • chappyman66
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          This ^^^^^

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        I saw the video yesterday. It was concise & very worth watching. I'm not a 1/32 racer, but the last local 1/24 commercial tracks has been gone for a few years. A new 1/32 raceway opened in a neighboring town during June, so who knows?


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          For my tuning/running at home, I just make sure everything is as it should be and in place etc. I remove mag, oil it, back out the body screws a turn or two. Scuff the tires.......stock. IMO, stock tires give a more realistic drive. They are fast...... enough, grippy..... enough. But, stock tires wouldn’t be as fast as competitive racing with racers using Quick Slicks etc. Been a long time since I have raced in a competitive way.

          By no means does someone have to replace everything in a car. Absolutely not! Now, if someone wants to do that.......knock yourself out and have fun.


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            Good stuff Sir Dave. Like you I often hear/see that "you need to replace this and that with Such and Such parts" and I do tire of it. 3d chassis' immediately springs to mind.
            CHCH NZ


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              Yep, good stuff keep em coming! Thanks!