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Carrera Hairpin opinions

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  • oldtribefan
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    Thanks Dinglebery.

    The landscaping is progressing very slowly. Currently I am working on the pit buildings. To those who know me (no one on this forum!) I certainly am not known for speed in my work. Everything kind of takes on a life of its own and becomes more complicated than initial plans. So at this point, I am still working on what I call the "infrastructure" - buildings, guard rails, tunnels, buildings, etc. before beginning on the final topography. Point in case, the pit buildings are based upon the Magnetic Racing Reims pits. The kit has about 40 parts (including stairways) for a building. I am using four of these. Currently there are in excess of 650 parts on my version. The non-kit parts have been scratch made (most of them) or 3d printed.

    So, I am slow, but detailed.

  • dinglebery
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    Nice track! When is the landscraping slated to be completed? Or is it a desert track...?

  • oldtribefan
    We like ours. Positive: It feels more like a true race track corner than the others. Negative: None with the way we race on this track.

    Click image for larger version

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  • BRS Hobbies
    started a topic Carrera Hairpin opinions

    Carrera Hairpin opinions

    For those that have the Carrera hairpin in your layout, how do you like it? Is it all good or does it have some downsides?