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FLY motor question.

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  • FLY motor question.

    I've been on somewhat of a slot car buying binge this month. Just received my seventh car. Most have been discontinued FLY cars. Now I'm wondering, what rpm are the motors in them? They all have the silver/grayish motor. I m sure someone can tell me.

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        Nice! Lets see them! You've started down the wormhole with the Fly classics - I have several I'm currently working on. I wonder, will you need tires for them? New wheels because the plastic ones spin on the axles? A new motor or rear axle? New gears?
        It's been a tough road finding parts that fit and are exact size as original, but it's been rewarding seeing them go around the track!


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          Fly used the same black stripe FC-130 motors as Scalextric did at the time, they are a nominal 18K motor, but 22K would not be unusual.


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            As Rich said, they have always been called "18k" - but they haven't been 18k for over a decade.
            I did find some that were 18k in some (as it turned out) very early release liveries from Fly, but most will be 20 - 22k.
            I tested a dozen loose ones recently in my "war chest" for a class which requires an "18k motor" (they meant Scalextric motor in Scalextric cars), I threw away one doing 18,700, and inserted the one pulling 22,300 rpm .......

            Interestingly, the current green end bell Scalextric motors are pulling less, I tested 6 of those and none was above 21k; the lowest was 19,600

            But rpm isn't the whole story, torque should be taken into account. An H&R Hawk 18k - which rarely develops more than 18k, but has more torque, is comparable in performance, just gear it about 10% higher than a Scaley one.