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  • W2W Raceway

    I finally found all of the remaining R1, R2, R3, R4 pieces for the Artin track and mocked up the assembled bits on the garage floor.

    This is what I am calling the W2W Raceway (wall to wall) "Sprint" track. It will fit on a 6'x12' table with a lap length of about 80'. That works out to close to 1/2 mile in 1/32, 3/8mi in 1/24 (for small sedans like Minis etc), or about 1 mi in 1/64.

    Added sections of straight track can be added to allow a lap length of around 176' on an additional 12' table for the longer "Enduro" track.

    This track will be used as a conventionally powered 1 car/lane analogue slot track as well as a multiple cars/lane 2.4 Ghz RC slot car track (with lane changer track sections).