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Help, scaleauto R series

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  • Help, scaleauto R series

    I just received a scaleauto R series and went to remove the magnet. The rear assembly(wheelstop, spur gear and wheels)need to be removed in order to get to the magnet. However the grub screws on all but one of the wheels are stuck and I need help in removing. The one that did come off was difficult as well. I have several tools and all the grubs are spinning on the inside. It seems like some moisture or something was holding the one wheel that did come off. Almost like Loctite. This is a new in box car and it was sealed. What's the best way to back out those grub screws (M2 3m .035)

    Thank you

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    I think they are Screw M3
    Merrimack, NH


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      If you don't have the correct size hex wrench then you're spinning your wheels and will likely not get it out if it is indeed thread locked in place. Unless you heat it. Get a torch like this and use it to heat up the screw. SHould come out real easy then.


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        I may have stated the wrong size. I did get the one out so the hex wrench size I have did work. Thank you