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    Another car was added to the stable to compete against my other entries. Scratch building this Lotus allowed me to "Thunder slot" it to allow for a sidewinder set up. Chassis is aluminum plate with a brass pod with adjustable suspension.

    Done up in Lotus colors with a BARC flavor.

    Currently has an NSR 30 K Shark for power, but this motor seems down on power when compared to the Pirahna 25 K motor and the H&R Cobra I am running in the Ferraris. So I may be messing with motor and gears on this to try and get better laptimes. The car is currently off the pace of my other candidates.

    Click image for larger version

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    G.P Alberta

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    Nice car. I am still hoping an outfit like Thunderslot will do either a Lotus 30 or 40. 50 years ago the Lotus 40 from Cox was one of my favorite slot cars. The only problem today is that there were so few of them, they didn't actually win very many races and they mainly only had one paint scheme.


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      Wow your chassis work is fantastic. I love this car. How well does the spring in the pod work?


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        Same for me. The Cox Lotus 40 was my first kit car. I have always had a soft spot for it. I have built more Lotus 30/40s than any other model of car.


        I ran the motor under water and got some of its performance back. There was some black debris floating in the water when I was done so there most of been some track rubber and such fouling the commuter, and with a better running motor, came faster laptimes

        With respect to the spring. It looks neat. All of these plate chassis are now running close to equal times so I have not seen a definitive advantage adding the spring to damper the flex. Probably duct tape on the underside is as effective at doing this. Scratchbuilding allows for some different approaches. Some work, some don’t. I have got this one down as a maybe. Next one I am going to use a single point to attach the pod to the plate and make use of some RC ball joints with spring dampening

        G.P Alberta


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          Reminds me of my Associated 12L with the spring setup from my youth. Love the cars, the ingenuity and the lap time improvements BARC1. Keep em coming. How much does the body weigh on this one?

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        This chassis with the wheels on is 68 grams. Whether these ideas will generate a better car is questionable, but it is fun trying. I have built four aluminum plate chassis utilizing a scratchbuilt brass pod, and all of them are my fastest builds to date. So progress is being made, but will it be enough to qualify a car in the GT3, or produce a mid-pack proxy car?

        In my testing I am really liking Thunderslot motors and the Piranha 25 K bb motors. Both deliver torque in a manner that makes them very controllable.

        I am going to be taking a break from building cars now, as I focus on finally building a wood track. I have been weighing the option of using a garage bay or a room in the basement beside my shop. My wife pointed out how the trips from my workshop to the garage would get old in a hurry, so the basement is the choice. Track will be smaller, but a more comfortable space overall. It is where my current track sits.

        G.P Alberta