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A bit of nostalgia regarding Slot Car World

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  • A bit of nostalgia regarding Slot Car World

    I visited Frank's Slot Car World warehouse an hour or so north of me several times when I was into 1/43.

    This morning I did some searching on the Wayback Machine regarding Home Racing World.

    This got me motivated to mock up one end of what am currently calling W2W ("Wall to Wall") Raceway, a two lane track using multiple 2.4Ghz-based cars, since it covers most of the surface of a planned table top.

    The pic shows turns 1,2,3,5,8,9,11.

    The remaining 180 degree turns will be at the other end of the table.

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    I really miss Frank. We had some great conversation about our tours in VN. I great guy and fantastic supplier of Artin cars and parts.


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      Correction: Slot Car World rather.


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        It really is cool to look back through the web catalog seeing stuff that is long gone, oop, etc.


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          two lane track using multiple 2.4Ghz-based cars
          Interesting,tell us more about your system.I'm kinda doing the same thing with 1/64 on slotless track..
          Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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            Yeah, like everyone else who interacted with him and his daughter for that matter, I miss the guy. We had some great conversations over the years and he was really helpful back when I knew very little about 1/32 and vintage cars. Picked up some great deals from him as well. A great loss to the hobby for sure.

            For some reason, when I think of him, I can't help but also think of Bruce Da Vols. Another guy I truly miss interacting with.


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              It isn't the cars or track. It is the people that make this hobby, any hobby, FUN.

              Was privileged to have a great friendship with Frank. Our time with Artin was priceless. We traveled to country doing shows and did we have some great times.

              Unlike others who "take over" brands and claim to do anything with them (which they don't)...Frank ACTUALLY DID IT. His passion for the hobby and for our Artin program was second to none.

              As the saying goes, you don't know what you got...until it's gone.

              RIP you old coot.



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                Slot Car World is where I got started. I bought 4 sets of Artin track from there, plus some cars. The owner and his site are missed.