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  • Race day

    Race day was postponed.
    Power went out during a storm. Was supposed to race my nephew.
    Came back today to finish,, first to finish 50 laps on the lopsided figure 8.
    I won in the mercedes by a lap having been cautious enough not to deslot once.
    He went balls out and deslotted multiple times.

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    Sounds like you had fun. Is that Policar track?

    G.P Alberta


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      Your nephew drives like my grandson used to. Even when he had a 'safe' lead he was prone to over driving his car and being over taken. You'd think that his controller was an on/off switch rather than being fully adjustable with the ability to slow down.

      I remember asking him one time - "If you were in a race with a car that could go 200 mph and all the other cars could only go 180 mph, how fast would you drive?". To me the obvious answer was around 185 mph. Fast enough to secure a safe win while still having plenty of margin. His answer was 200 mph and he couldn't understand why not go all out and try to lap the field as many times as possible.


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        That's him 100%. LOL

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      Originally posted by Barc 1 View Post
      Sounds like you had fun. Is that Policar track?
      Yes, I like it much better than the scalextric sport I had. Much better grip, wider, and flatter. Scalextric doesn't lay 100% flat, even new out of box stuff.
      Before the scalextric 10 years ago I had a large carrera layout and constant dead track issues. I kept having to take it apart, fixing the connections and rebuilding.
      Lesson learned, should have been happy with the original NINCO I had. Would have saved lots of money.

      For me, Policar has been perfect. Set it up and never 1 issue. Sure ordering everything from the UK (Pendle) was inconvenient but well worth the wait.