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Scale Car Garage - New Project Inspiration & Body Comparison

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  • Scale Car Garage - New Project Inspiration & Body Comparison

    Please join me as I discuss the inspiration and body shell options before the work for a new project begins!

    Any and all comments are more than welcomed!


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    Build them all, let the track decide.


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      It's not surprising to see the modern Monogram come in oversized. It's interesting that the vintage example you have is so wide. I cast a resin version back in the day....I will have to check as it didn't seem that wide.

      Having spent some time scaling files to achieve 1/32 size CanAm cars, what I print are all slightly wide to accomodate sidewinder arrangements. It takes about 60 - 61mm to fit a SW arrangement using a conventional pod. So a modern car running a 61mm body width is very understandable. I designed a SW chassis to fit under a scale car, but it's pretty tiny and I suspect it would flex too much with a hot motor although they work fine with 14K motors.

      Most of the "wide" CanAm cars actually scale to about 55 - 57mm which almost necessitates the slimline inline configuration. The Monogram AW approach in their McLaren M6 is interesting for that reason. I think they went a bit overboard in the motor choice, but it is CanAm after all! The AW configuration does have some utility for a scratch build situation.......
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        William, I just might have to build them all!

        Chappyman66, I found this to have been an interesting exercise in that a thirty-nine cent car, in the'60's, was closer to actual scale overall than the more expensive Monogram and Aurora models one could have purchased.

        I also looked at the Strombecker Lola T-160 and McLaren (although I did not include this in the video) and they are closer to the Palmer model than the '60's Monogram as well.

        As you noted, the width is certainly necessary to accommodate a sidewinder configuration. The Revell/Monogram M6 solution was one that was very welcomed and really helped to keep the 'sclaeness' of the car in check as well as help to make it perform on the track as well!

        Thanks so much for watching and for posting!