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Scalextric Nascar tyre issue

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  • Scalextric Nascar tyre issue

    While trying to remove the rear tyres off the #22 Monte Carlo Nascar, which are soooo tight on the rim (almost like they are glued on) I split the rim boss area and the wheel came off the axle. Managed to refit it and glue the damaged area and the wheel looks to be running fairly true, as far as plastic wheels go. Lucky only one side damaged, was going to fit PGT on the rims but
    the original tyre just wont come off!

    Any one else had this issue ?

    The car is only a month old and hasn't run a heap of laps. I hadn't even trued up the original tyres, the other Monte I have has PGT fitted with no problem

    I will contact the shop I purchased from and seek an answer

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    I haven't experienced this issue.
    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN


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      Nope haven't had that problem but if you get really stuck you could probably get away with 14.3 plastic or alloy hubs and BRM Nascar inserts. -
      CHCH NZ


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        Probably the Scalextric axles have knurled ends and aftermarket wheels will not fit, so the rear axle and crown gear would also have to be replaced. I believe that Scalexreic switched over to using standard wheel dimensions, otherwise if you went to aftermarket wheels you would also have to change the tires. Slot Car Corner sells CB Design wheels that look like vintage NASCAR wheels without needing inserts.


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          Have you tried spraying some penetrating oil/WD40 around the bead?
          Arrold Martin
          Nashville TN


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            no I haven't but will give it a try, thanks Arroldn

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          are trying to save the old tires? if not just cut them of with a razor blade.. a cut width wise should be enough to remove the tire.

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            If you're looking for an aftermarket wheel for your Scaley Nascar, consider the CB Design Stock Car Wheels we offer. Click on the photo below for more info. Note you'll have to replace the existing axles, gear, etc. to use these.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	17831.jpg Views:	0 Size:	71.6 KB ID:	44111

            Click image for larger version

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