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Carrera '57 Chevy - Slot Stories #3

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  • Carrera '57 Chevy - Slot Stories #3

    Slot Stories #3 is posted... Happy 4th of July everyone!

    Slot Car Nerd/Photographer/ Just a self-styled marketing guy on my back porch.
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    Great stuff! Thx so much and happy 4th to u as well! Keep em coming!


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      My favourite Carrera car - love them Nice work on the video....the spaceship has landed : )
      Dangermouse to the rescue.


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        Great show! Thanks for sharing the stories.
        Chris aka CJR RACING Denver, Colorado and Nagasaki, Japan


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          I seriously considered buying one of those '57 Chevy cars, but didn't because it was too new (model year wise) to race with the vintage cars I made using Lindberg models ('34 Ford thru '53 Chevy) and too old to fit in my late 60's - 70's series. If there had been a '57 Ford available those cars could have could have been fun racing mates.

          If a company is only making one car of a type per year I understand sticking with a single mold, but from a racer's perspective a Chevy from that era needs a Ford, and a Plymouth and other racing mates to be most realistic.


          • Dave Kennedy
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            Agreed. My desire is to always make at least 2 cars for a "series" so there's something for them to race against. I found solid agreement about that with the current top 2 guys running the Scalextric brand. They both agreed about that completely.
            The balance I had to make was that would an old Ford to race against a '57 sell better than a new "US car" that might sell even better? Those are the choices I would literally lay awake at night thinking about.
            -I'd always hoped to make a companion for the SCX Cuda, but I didn't get the chance.
            -I'd planned to eventually make a Fox body Mustang to race with the IROC (yes, I know technically they didn't race against each other but in that case it wouldn't matter).

          • slothead
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            I have 4 dozen classic Trans Am slot cars, all Scalextric and Pioneer, except a lone SCX AAR 'Cuda. The 'Cuda is probably the best looking car in the series. Seems that both of the SCX 'Cudas are highly sought after these days.

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          Keep the stories coming Dave adds so much to the hobby!!!

          Dundee Denny


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            Love the story series. Keep them coming.


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              Just wondering if they will be doing the Black Widow also ? That was a '57 Chevy also , if I am not mistaken


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                Great vid Dave. Looks like Harry put some details together about the #90, driven by Emanuel the “Golden Greek” Zervakis.
                #27555 1/32nd scale Carrera Evolution Chevrolet Bel Air ’57, No.90 Junie Donlavey fielded many cars, this one is driven by Emanuel the “Golden Greek” Zervakis. Carrera brings us t…


                • Dave Kennedy
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                  Yes I remember he did that when we released the car.

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                I always liked them, thought that they would be an extension to the classic NASCAR lineup.

                So the 1960 Plymouth Fury wasn’t meant to be part of the Chevies?

                Forgive me, I know very little about the US racing scene from the 50’s and early 60’s.


                • Dave Kennedy
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                  You're overthinking how cars were chosen at that time by Carrera. The former President of CoA (many, many years ago... well before my time) chose the Fury because he liked it and for no other reason than that. You couldn't give away the street versions of the Fury and the set that Carrera made with the Fury it in was one that we had to clearance at the CoA cost at that time.

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                Well it wasn’t the most attractive car to come out of Detroit I suppose

                Mine is still sitting on the shelf with the black 57 Chev and that lovely blue and red livery 57, I’ll tune them one day and use them.


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                  I repainted a black 57 when it was released as a tribute to a friends race car that he raced in the early 60's. I got some pictures from his wife of quite a few of his early race cars and built it for him as a gift. He had no idea and was speechless when he got it.
                  The 57 was a popular race car back in the day with lots of them available. Ray shared stories of cutting up all the convertibles they could find to get the boxed frame because they made a better chassis for racing. They also preferred the post car to the hardtop due to the added rigidity of the body.
                  Below are a couple of pictures of the real race car and the tribute.
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	57 right pic.JPG
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                  Ayton, ON Canada