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    If Slot Car Racing was only about keeping your finger on the trigger as you moving around a 100 feet per lane track, then we would all come in at first place.

    However this is not the case.

    Slot Car Racing builds: Even if you’ve got the baddest ass slot car on the planet, you still have to drive it.

    Timing: The ability to think logically. Knowing when to brake and when to accelerate in order to gain the lead.

    Mental fortitude: The ability to remain calm and focus on the track even when it's a 10k Laps Endurance.

    Strong stress tolerance: The ability to be remain emotionally unbreakable even when your racing competitors are closing the gap on you.

    Character: The ability to respectfully shake your competitors hand, even after you came in second.
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA

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    Even if you’ve got the baddest ass slot car on the planet, you still have to drive it.
    That is the ONE THING it seems no one ever discusses. We fixate on saving half a gram, or tire profiles...but at the end of the day, unless you can drive it...well, none of the fancy tuning advice matters.


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      True enough.....I know who will crack under pressure when I am running them down after a pit stop. And being smooth is the key..... pushing hard is fine but the fast laps come when you back off just a hair and are both fast and smooth.
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        As a solo racer who simulates multi-car races based on recorded lap times I often do 30 - 100 lap sessions with a car. Each lap time is recorded and goes into the database. To be a contender every car has to be driven to the very best of its ability while also being consistent with no spins or deslots, which incur time penalties.

        I have fun collecting this racedata, but it can also be stressful knowing every lap counts. I start a race session being highly focused on getting everything just right, hitting the marks needed for the car I'm driving to do its best. Then, after 10 laps or so of being hyper focused I often zone out. By that I mean I'm driving well, just not consciously aware of things. I sort of go on autopilot like when I'd drive home from work the same way as always and not be able to remember a single thing about the drive. Looking at the recorded data my fastest laps were often during a phase when my mind was wandering. I might have done 40 laps while thinking about what billboards should be added to the scenery, or wondering if I should go get a pizza afterwards.

        I'd be amazed to see I turned a super fast lap during a part of the session I have no recollection of. Also, since every car on my racing rosters has a driver assigned to it that drove that car, I often joke that while I'm holding the controller I'm actually channeling that driver's ability. Perhaps that's why the lap times get better when my conscious control lapses and Gurney, Donohue, or Revson get to show their stuff.


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          In club racing, I know who the fast guys are. I usually finish in the middle of the pack. I enjoy racing and building just as much as they do. When I make an occasional podium, they are all just as happy as I am.


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            I have been racing since I was 9 years old, starting in karts, then cars. I also raced RC for a couple companies for a quite a long while. Driving is definitely important in slot racing, however since there is less control, and the racing line is dictated. I believe a good car can really make a big difference.

            I am not the fastest driver in my club, but I win consistently because my cars are just faster or better prepared to the rules. I have seen the fastest guys struggle very much if they don't have a car that works.

            In RC racing and in automotive, the skill is 90% of the speed. I have seen guys with box stock RC cars or underpowered road race cars come out on top because of racecraft and control.

            This for me, is actually one of the appeals of this hobby. I like the tinkering portion and trying to build the best car possible within the rules. Being able to compare lap times on the same track in the same conditions months apart is such a cool thing, that we rarely get in other motorsports type hobbies.



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              Character: The ability to respectfully shake your competitors hand, even after you came in second.

              Or even if you come in last....
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