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Revo Slot Supra rear tires

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  • Revo Slot Supra rear tires

    looking for after market rear tires for a RevoSlot Supra- what do you racers use? I have a Carrera track and urethanes work well on my other brand cars. thanks

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    if you like urethanes SCC sells paul gage tires.


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      Urethane use PGT-21125LMDF fit REVOSLOT Toyota Supra.
      Silicone use Quick Slicks TS43
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      You, know, I'm getting really good grip with the Revoslot rubber.


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        I was convinced the standard tyres weren't going to be enough until I got one 2nd hand and the previous owner had oiled the tyres and I was convinced they were silicones. The seller said they were the standard tyres with 3 in 1 oil over a few days...I love them...but they do marble a little because of the oiling but not enough to stop the car and clean the tyres.


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          Kevan, one of the tricks to rubber tires, is to oil them with some NSR tire treatment, then wipe off with lighter fluid. As a racer that likes to lick his tires, WD being a water displacement never worked for me🤪
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          Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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            everybody always laughs at me when i lick my tires! but it works for me. plus you get to do a burnout.

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          Yes, lighter fluid is in plentiful supply in all our club members pit boxes.