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Any US Retailers of the "New" SCX?

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  • Any US Retailers of the "New" SCX?

    Have any U.S. retailers announced that they will carry the "new" SCX, and if so, what their pricing will be?

    Love the old cars like the MGA and the quirky Citroen DS21 and Renault 4L (and want the Lancia Fulvia for U2L Trans Am racing), but still crossing my fingers in the vain hope the Barracuda is re-released...

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    I did not even know there was a "new" SCX. So whoever it is here in the USA...isn't doing a very good job of promotion



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      Pendle is now taking pre-orders
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        Ok well I don't follow Pendle much anymore. Too busy trying to keep guys like you under control on these forums!

        Nothing new it seems, but nice of you want older releases.

        Nice if they actually had a clue and released the NASCARS THEN we would have something!

        But hey, thanks for sharing this sir!!! It is always good to see a company try and come back.



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          Interesting Cuda’s would make a welcome reappearance not that my want list isn’t already out of reach 🤪


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            Heres a couple of new SCX releases. Click image for larger version

Name:	81F92766-E6CB-40C0-A8F5-DE9D0725A771.jpeg
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Name:	EEB506A6-1908-4C7F-A8E9-90E50DC2EC31.png
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Name:	81F92766-E6CB-40C0-A8F5-DE9D0725A771.jpeg
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              oh please please redo the cuda liveries


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                If these do make it over here and aren't crazy priced, I would be interested in a Lancia Fulvia, love our SLC class.