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My Lockdown tire making experience (version 1.3)

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  • My Lockdown tire making experience (version 1.3)

    Lots of us have done it. During lockdown I opened my two pots of Smooth on Vytaflex that I had purchased some twelve months or so ago and got out some old moulds and made some new ones.
    I began casting using my experience from two earlier episodes.

    These pictures show what I have achieved after about seven pour/mix/cast episodes with one per day....kinda glad it is over.

    1) It is messy, I wore gloves and threw them out with the mixing sticks and cups after each session.
    2) The one part (yellow pot) ​ starts slowly going off as soon as you open the pot. I kept it in a zip top bag inside another zip top bag.
    3) Use a syringe to inject the mixture, I used a 10 ml one mainly due to what I had and the nozzle size.
    4) Choose tires to repop you like and use a lot.
    I wanted tall profile narrow vintage tires, tires to fit the Slotit 14mm rim, high profile wides, F1 wide donuts, SCX Escort and Fiat Abarth replacements.
    5) Clean the rim and lids of the pots carefully after use because any residue on the rim starts to cure and getting the lid off the yellow pot will have you speaking bad words before all the contents are used.
    6) You will have failures which is disappointing after waiting twelve to sixteen hours for demoulding. Some failures can be repaired when you mix and cast next time but some will go in the success rate improved as I learned my syringe technique.
    7) The black pigment is extremely strong so take care not to get it on you, your clothes or anywhere it shouldn't be.

    I did try to get a smooth finish on both sides but this didn't always happen. Good thing is that urethane trues easily so the sides can also be profiled relatively quickly.

    This pack cost me about $60 from a seller in Australia. I have given a few tires away but now have a supply that should last me a while.

    Pictures can now speak

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    No pictures.
    Arrold Martin
    Nashville TN


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      John also has this thread posted at SlotForum International=Scratchbulding. It shows photos.


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        Oh thats weird as I can see them...I will try to reload.


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          I don't see any pics either


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            How about now?

            Click image for larger version

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              Well done indeed. I used to case one sided versions of the old Monogram Firestone tire that was on their sportscars (had the sidewall and tread detail, back side was smooth). With a good mold, tire making is easy.
              We used carbon black back in the day....a little pinch made very nice black tires. Looks like you have tires for a number of projects now.....
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