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Scalextric IROC Camaro in!

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  • Scalextric IROC Camaro in!

    My slot car of the year has arrived. Thanks Slot Car Corner for the fast service as usual.

    Click image for larger version

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    Review in progress.

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    Ohhhh yeah!!!


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      Mike - Galena Ohio

      "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal


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        In light of Dave's firing this one is a little bittersweet for me.

        Lynn Smith


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        Yes too.

        Sold out already....who would have guessed?


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        i just ordered my second one from slot car corner- the best shop in town. maybe they have more. If not, ill sell my extra one for a cool million. FREE SHIPPING
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        bill ,framingham ma


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          Sorry DK but I think it's definitely got the ... WOW ... factor
          CHCH NZ


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            It's going to take some tuning to get it on par with the transAm cars. I got mine yesterday. At least it's very pretty and should be easy to tune.


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              So what is this , Dave getting fired ? That sucks at a time like this .


              • Dave Kennedy
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                yes March 11th...

              • Fathead59
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                Sorry to hear , want to wish you good luck in future endeavors

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              Cool looing car, can't wait for the blue one.
              Sucks about Dave, he rocks.


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                Good thing I don't care about if it fits into the Trans-Am class...because it's a whole new class.


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                  I'm hoping mine came with a dud motor because even after tuning it is about 1.5 seconds per lap slower than most all of my scaley transAm and GT3 cars. I'm going to swap out a motor from one of my Scaley GT3 cars and see what happens.


                  • docdoom
                    docdoom commented
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                    before you go and swap motors, try doing these 1st
                    try running it in some wd40 for 3 to 4 hours at 5v then in Isopropyl Alcohol for 3 min and let dry. re lube and see what that does. if you have a tach, . tach motor before and after, you may be very surprised at the results..

                  • lance
                    lance commented
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                    Check the motor pinion and see if it is rubbing the gear, pinion either too far out or too far in. remove the motor and check if the rear axel spins freely or if it is tight.

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                  i oiled the usual points,slipped on some quick slicks and off it went.Doing really nothing to it, it ran great. seemed smooth with not too much noise
                  bill ,framingham ma


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                    Docdoom and Lance I am not a beginner at this. I had already ruled out the issues you suggested, It was the motor, after swapping out a motor from my Scaley Javelin it runs as I had expected. Bad motors do get into the production line from time to time. Remember, I've been doing this since before most of you were born.


                    • docdoom
                      docdoom commented
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                      just saying I have a few that were real dogs and after doing the wd40 trick they turned into really good motors.

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                    Haven't bought a new slot car in ages, but after seeing Harry's post, I picked one up. Just threw it on my little wood test track with no prep and was smiling after a few laps. It's relatively quiet and has a nice solid feeling.

                    As it'll be raced on our two wood club tracks, a fast speedway and tight technical, some simple changes were made.

                    - replaced the stock rear tires with Paul Gage 21125 urethane tires
                    - glued the motor in
                    - added a washer to the front axle assemble to reduce side-to-side slop
                    - added washers to the guide assemble to eliminate wobble
                    - filed the chassis edges to allow some float

                    Car's even better now.

                    I understand DK was involved in bringing this car to the market, so a thanks to him. Also to Harry for posting.