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    Having to do a dirty job I been putting off,, I finally had a plumber come and tear out some basement floor to replace a rusted thru drain pipe.It was as bad as expected and the whole pipe was shot..Figured out a way to run a new pipe and only tear out about 10 foot of floor.. The shower drain was bad also which meant that floor had t be torn out, too. . Once the new pipe was in and working, the filling and concrete work was my part of the job. In the shower I had to put new concrete around the new drain opening, which I did, then I painted the floor with gray floor paint. . There has been some leakage around the edge where the blocks set on the floor. I bought a can of clear Flex Seal to paint around lower edge and seal it.. It seems to have worked fine. .The stuff air dries and has a silicone feel. . Not that we need another tire process,, but I put a couple hard sponge tires on axles and dipped them,, then used a stick to clean out the wheel openings..put a clomp on the end of the axle and let them set back edge of tire down and they dried overnite. . I put them on this old flexi to see how they did and I think they stuck as good as the Permatex coatings I usually use,, this is just a little bit thinner.
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ID:	35054 The thing is they now make some kind of paste and it might be suitable for making silicone tires. . Not sure how it would stick to a resin mold. .If anybody wants to experiment...........might even be suitable for a mold to cast resin. As seen on TV.
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