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Has anyone built an MB Slot Pagani Zonda?

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  • Has anyone built an MB Slot Pagani Zonda?

    I was so bored I started going through old white kits I have had stashed for years. I decided to do the Zonda and a Lancia LC2. I either already had or didn't like the liveries I found images of for the Lancia, and did a fantasy livery for it, but that blasted Zonda was insane. Tiny parts I have to feel around for, zero instructions, and a seriously warped chassis. Now that they are nearly finished, I just wonder... did anyone else buy one of these things, or was I the only glutton for punishment? I'll post photos of the finished products when I get done, but I do wonder if anyone else did this thing. I seem to remember Bob in Florida saying something about it some time ago.

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    Well, since nobody seems to know about this I guess I'll just post the cars as finished. Here they are.


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      Oooooh I like the way that Lancia turned out
      Peterborough Ont


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        The Zonda is definitely different. I’ve thought about getting that white kit a couple times, but never pulled the trigger. Your patience paid off, the Zonda looks great. The Lancia does as well.


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          I like the Zonda, I have built two of them and the Songna motor they come with is one of my favourite long can motors for non-mag racing. In fact I think that both the Zonda and the MB Ferrari 430 are very nice cars and somewhat underrated.


          PS: Coincidentally I also prepped 3 of those Lancias for a race event a couple of years ago

          Click image for larger version

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            Show off! Nice cars.... look like winners to me!

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            The race was in Kelowna, nice group of racers, fun event, can't remember how we did...

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          Lancia's look really good. Nice paint job!