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Eldon Bodies on Carrera Ferrari 365 P2 Chassis'

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  • Eldon Bodies on Carrera Ferrari 365 P2 Chassis'

    I have a Carrera digital 132 track and always enjoy creating new cars - especially in the 1960 to 1975 time frame.

    The digital Carrera Ferrari 365 P2s run great on my track. I was fiddling around and found the wheelbase and tires on them were dead on fits for my old 1960s Eldon bodies.

    The Carrera Ferraris have a two piece body - the main part with 4 body screws and a lower rear part with a separate body attachment screw. When you unscrew and 'snap off' the lower rear part, the remaining hole that held the rear body part screw is in a perfect position for the Eldon body's rear body post. The two Eldon body posts are 84mm apart from center point to center point. That means the front Eldon body post needs to be right behind the slot guide. I drilled and countersink'd a hole there and then used a flat head screw to attach the front of the body. On any given body the height of the body posts will need tweaking.

    The Carrera head and tail lights are pretty close to where they should be on the Eldon bodies. Close enough that I took the solid chrome plastic headlights out of their slots for the LEDs to shine through. I drilled out the molded tail lights for the Carrera LED tail lights to shine through. Not perfect alignment, but I like it.

    My first 4 attempts are shown in the photos. The first pic shows two Eldon Lotus bodies with similar, but different liveries. Liveries are fantasy ones. I painted the wheels green and yellow. No windshields. Heads are from Immense Miniatures.

    Second pic shows a white Eldon Ford J Car and a yellow Eldon Chaparral with fantasy liveries.

    They drive just like the donor Carrera Ferrari 365 P2s. Very low centers of gravity.
    A great addition to my stable. In work are two Eldon Ferrari P3s.

    thanks for looking.

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    Nice job
    There is something about re-purposing an old body that makes the cars extremely fun.


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      Great idea thanks.
      i put three 3D chassis under my 365s leaving three empty chassis in a drawer. I just happen to have three Lotus bodies in another drawer needing a place to sit.


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        That idea makes some nice rides!!
        Humboldt ,out in the country in west Tn...


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          Great work! I love seeing these cars to run!
          Come Race at The Trace!
          Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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            Wow that Ford sure brings back the memories. I had one of the yellow ones and basically ran the undercarriage right out from under it. Wish I had saved it now. Nice Job.


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              Finished another Eldon on Carrera Ferrari 365 P2 chassis. This one made real sense to do. It is a Ferrari 330 P3 body. Body is painted red, wheels are now gold and decals added. Same mounting method.

              Original photo and two 'artsy' photos attached.


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                Nice job....those Eldon cars can actually look pretty good when you put some detail on them. Great to see them running!
                Come Race at The Trace!
                Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                  Very nice work. I really like what you did with the Ferrari. I've got to try that myself.