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  • Lockdown projects E types and more

    It is not too hard to find ways to kill time now that I am constrained at home.(but it is worth it:we have, so far,only 9 losses /million)

    This one was lying in a drawer for quite a few years waiting for a suitable chassis,now its almost ready missing proper rear rims and light lenses,the latter were included in the kit but cannot locate them:

    lightweight,World Classics body

    Just started the Lindner one,World Classics body

    And Ghost ModelsLM 62

    plus a restoration of an Eldon one

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    You have more lightweights than Jaguar did!
    Come Race at The Trace!
    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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      Very nice.


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        Another project completed but not well,the decals wrinkled when lacqered.I will have to strip it sometime in future.Alfa Romeo Giulietta sprint.


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          I have question on the chassis . The rod sitting in front of the motor . Is the rod used for chassis flex ? But , nice looking chassis , how does it perform ?

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        Alex, those are great. I hope to someday put all the Ninco, Scaley, and other E-types I have together for a photo.

        I have a place in my heart for original E-types, and for that matter, all the old Jaguars. I can't stand the V-12s. I made friends with a cabal of 70+ years old guys with a huge garage complete with lifts and a machine shop, and so far, I have been greasy dirty on a pair of roadsters and a V-12 2+2. They are all things British to an extent, and one of the guys worked for MG at Coventry. They do antiques, too. There was a 36 Packard Woody and a '56 Packard Caribbean that came through, too. Its killing me to stay home when I want so much to get back in the shop.


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          Just off the assembly line Ferrari Dino 246GT LM 72:missing proper inserts,rear view mirror.

          Making Body Posts

          Fly front engine car setup,how to


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            In the mean time another came off the assembly line,Peugeot 307 Revell easykit.Despite the lighweight cockpit still heavy:the body weighs 30 grams.Why pink rims?Well I run out of white filament


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              Projects progressing
              Alfa Romeo monoposto

              Rover SD1

              Porsche 997 Ninco was fitted with light weight glass and cockpit (i made the moulds) and now weights a respectable 17 grams compared to the orginal 25



              Ferrari 360 Ninco received the same treatment and now weights 21 gramS


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                Another project took off


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                  One project completed,one approaching completion one started


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                    Love the old Saab!

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                  Progress report
                  Jaguar E type LM 62 progressing
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_10428.jpg
Views:	1078
Size:	3.11 MB
ID:	38470

                  Ferrari 275 GTB LM 69 got a chassis and paint
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	CIMG8086.JPG
Views:	625
Size:	3.20 MB
ID:	38479

                  Another Ferrari 360 Modena Ninco got the tratment,lightweight cockpit&glass,poded chassis
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_10430.jpg
Views:	1015
Size:	3.21 MB
ID:	38472

                  And another Porsche 997 Ninco
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_10431.jpg
Views:	528
Size:	3.25 MB
ID:	38473

                  And the Rover SD1 finished headong straight in to the "to be redone" drawer the photo was shot from a distance to cover what i f8*&d up

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	image_10432.jpg
Views:	1036
Size:	3.18 MB
ID:	38474Click image for larger version

Name:	image_10433.jpg
Views:	1020
Size:	3.27 MB
ID:	38475
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                    Progress report,3 to go to the lacquer shop onerescued from junkyard

                    The decals were a nightmare despite the fact that I protected them with liquid decal film the rear number cracked as soon as it set ,Will have to print a replacement one

                    Part of the same junkyard as the Alpine,Chevy 55

                    Alpine A210 1/24 Heller static kit part of a box full of broken static kits I bought some years ago ,this is the second one I managed to recover (the first one was a Rambler ) .I was lucky to remove all glass in (almost) one piece and repoped them vacforming them


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                      I feel your pain on the crinkling decals ( and sometimes also paint with me).

                      thank you so very much for sharing. Always great to see some orphan bodies find a home. Great work. Keep it up.


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                        Winter lockdown 3d prints and builds

                        I have been working on several projects in parallel making it impossible to finish any of them for some time.Here is the first one completed (well inserts are missing) ,3dp printed chassis and motor pod for Renault R8 SCX


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                          Some very nicely done cars, thanks for sharing! OMG the Saab and the Ferrari 250!