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  • Chaparral 2 A

    This was built again using the Lego and Brass chassis with a Mineabea N30 in a sidewinder configuration. Again this set up give lots of room for more interior to be modeled.

    This car was built from vintage slot car I picked up. Originally it was yellow and the plastic is a softer then normal styrene. I have no idea who the manufacturer is but I did a fair amount of work to it

    Click image for larger version  Name:	P1070681.jpg Views:	53 Size:	276.8 KB ID:	28609Click image for larger version  Name:	P1070683.jpg Views:	50 Size:	277.0 KB ID:	28610Click image for larger version  Name:	P1070680.jpg Views:	50 Size:	292.3 KB ID:	28611
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    I would love to see a picture of the chassis!


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      That looks great, it's giving me some inspiration to get back to the one I have. It needs a full Resto. I'm also going to do a brass chassis to replace the flimsy alloy one I've made some parts that were missing but I still need a windshield I'm in Australia and can't seem to find one with out paying a fortune in shipping from the state's . If any one can help find one in OZ it would be appreciated.
      rastas .


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        Nicely done!

        But that's not a 2C, it's just a 2, or as some call them a 2A.

        The 2C was a different car, with fins and a moveable spoiler at the rear, and no scoops on the front of the rear fenders. It alsom had a full aluminum monocoque so did not have the brown lower sills.

        Your original body was probably a Strombecker, judging from the description.
        Dennis Samson

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          I will take a picture of the chassis.

          Thanks for identifying the car Dennis. ,Yes a 2A not a C


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            Same type of chassis I used on the Ferrari. I went with an anglewinder gear so position the motor for this. The Lego blocks are two single pieces glued together. For the rear I cut of the nubbings off ream out the hole to accept a flanged bearing. In the front I slide a brass tube of the right length to match the required track and then position that through the lego block.

            The brass frame is drilled to accept mounting screws, and then the Lego blocks are secured to the chassis with screws.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	P1070684.JPG Views:	0 Size:	193.2 KB ID:	28628Click image for larger version  Name:	P1070687.JPG Views:	0 Size:	237.6 KB ID:	28629
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              Nice work restoring an old Strommie!

              There was also a 2A that wore 2C style bodywork for awhile....but Dennis is right, the 2C was the first aluminum chassis Chaparral (unless you count the spiritual ancestor GsIIb).

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                this is the car I started with

                Click image for larger version

Name:	c4dc2359c73e0154f6ffa95e2ebc8d80.jpg
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                  Good transformation


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                    Yep, don't turn up your nose at the old Strombecker and Eldon cars. A little detail work and chassis swap gives you a great looking and running car. Nicely done.
                    Come Race at The Trace!
                    Timberline Trace International Raceway - SW of Mpls, MN


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                      The scale modeling part of those old cheapies was really pretty good.....A talented guy can make them all look pretty sharp.....The Strom Dino and 2D....You couldn't ask for a better body to start with.....Eldon has some nice American cars,,,,, the Mustang and Camaro....Eldon also did a 1/24 Indy Lotus 30 and a 1/24 Watson Offy roadster. .... those bodies actually can build into a nice car..... If you are lucky enough to find an original brass chassis for those Stom cars,,,,they were as good a design as any other company offered in 1//32 ........
                      Matt B
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                        I have the 2D and it is a really nice car. I kind of am gravitating to all my old Strombecker rebuilds, and going over them again. This new motor I found turns at 23 K and Mineabea makes a pretty torquey small motor,so has decent brakes. The small motor geometry allows it to be flat mounted on the brass and line up, with the axle plain. CG remains low, and I am quite surprised how fast these are. They match the laptimes of my other Piranha powered cars on my home track so really what more do I need. They cost less then a buck, and they would make a good class for racing.

                        Maybe I will post some pictures of the complete Strombecker fleet once done.

                        Thanks for the comments. Keeping busy building and sharing is good for the mental health.