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    Hey guys any of you all race the NSR cars. I have pretty much all brands but no NSR. The NSR EVO 3 Zolder car looks killer. I have heard their quite fast. We run many classes 'with Racer Sideways cars being the fastest. Are they good as Racer Sideways. Thanks

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    In our club, we run NSR. We run the NSR Classics against, Thunderslot and Policar. I'd say all 4 can be competitive with NSR and Thunderslot requiring the least amount of fettling to extract their best. We also permit NSR in our IMSA class (GT/LMP cars from 1994-present) which is more of atuners class, anything goes except for 25k motor limit...versus other classes including above where we must maintain stock gear ratios (and add metal rear wheels for Policar).

    I for one love NSR. For the extra money (upgrade parts) I normally would have spend (let alone time), they can be killers. My Corvette C7R is the new beast in our IMSA class while my old Porsche 917 has ruled our Classics class the last 4 years.

    I did buy 2 Moslers this summer, same livery but one is AW 21.4k setup, the other is a 25k SW set-up. They are pretty much even in terms of lap time. I may even favor the AW.

    Take the plunge you'll be glad you did, they are top notch quality. All of the cars I've mentioned here are in my top 5 fastest (and most pleasurable to drive too).

    Hope that helps, eh!
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      NSR cars are wonderful right out of the box. They need very little tuning we just remove the magnets and add a wee bit of weight. Even the rubber tires grip as good as urethane.


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        We race NSR against NSR. Classics and GT in their own respective classes. No mag, little tuning, silicon tires, some need weight some dont.
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          Thanks guys much appreciated ' I will get one soon and see what happens.


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            NSR moslers used to rule the roost in our sports class but with a bit of work a sidewinder slot it with NSR tyres is at least as good. I don't like NSR inline or angle winders but their tyres (ultras) are better than any urethanes on a wood track.
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