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Sometimes we race Womps

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  • Sometimes we race Womps

    Not often but occasionally.
    I had some extra chassis sitting around and with all this extra time on my hands I dug out some bits and pieces. The original ones were built with urethane tires but I've been using more rubber lately. As we have a few 1/24 tracks around I've ended up with spent Pro-track tires laying around. I pulled out the tire truer and started turning these down to fit the Womps. once you get past the dry crusty part you've got a pretty good tire again.

    So after a few tire changes and all the 25K motors I could find in the junk box and geared to 7/35, Click image for larger version  Name:	89845498_10219873788289695_6647909195754504192_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	357.5 KB ID:	28066Click image for larger version  Name:	90425953_10219897966974147_4744367647079006208_o (1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	405.1 KB ID:	28067Click image for larger version  Name:	88962408_10219807723038105_1502585160225259520_o (1).jpg Views:	0 Size:	266.8 KB ID:	28068 I have several of these that all run within 1/10th of each other. After racing the Slot-its, NSRs, and Revoslots, these are kind of refreshing to get out and flail them around the track.
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    I have 4 that I had set up with urethane tires RX42 motors to use as rentals when we had a storefront.
    I dug them out a couple months ago (they'd been idle for 4-5 years) and we ran them on an oval. After about 5 minutes of running, oiling, cleaning, etc, they ran just as good as they did before they were put away. And they abuse they!!! They're all around great cars


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      Where can we find this kind of slotcars, please ? Sounds interesting for my 1/32 oval. thanks


      • Mitch58
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        Most of the online stores carry them RTR or parts to build them.
        They are also all over eBay.

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      sorry but I didn't find them


      • chrisguyw
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        I just did a very quick check, and there are several on epay, and as far as retail/slot shops, Pacific Coast Hobbies has them.......apologies to any slot shops that I failed to mention.

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      I checked with the Parma site as well as Professor Motor and that sort of car is no longer stocked. Parma has had difficulties for a number of years, so Womps are probably no longer being made. Champion had their own version of the Womp, but they were acquired by Parma, so those are gone as well. Keep looking, some dealers may have a few left and they should turn up on ebay from time to time.


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        Parma Womp chassis became my ideal basis for custom built chassis. Cut them up and reassemble as desired with whatever wheelbase is needed. Oh how I wish I'd stocked up on a bunch oh those brass chassis when they were available, they were so easy to modify. When they started to get expensive I'd buy the steel version instead to save a few bucks - a poor choice in retrospect.

        Sadly hundreds or thousands of these old relics must be hiding out in dusty slot car boxes hidden away in basements and attics.


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          thank you all for the help !


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            Here’s a list of womp type chassis a quick Google search and you’ll be able to find them easy


            Parma Womp Steel #572 Parma Womp Brass #573 K&G Brute #16-02

            Champion Thumper #400 Champion Thumper #401 LVJ Charger Brass #LVJ002B

            LVJ Charger #002 Riggen #5003 R-GEO Raven #RGO-335

            Mid America Stomp #MAR 202 H&R Stinger #HRST01 Mid America Hammer #221

            Caveman Bodeez Longhorn # 32-1001


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              Do an Ebay searchfor LVJ and you will find cheap adjustable womp style frames. ..... I think LVJ even has a facebook page. ...... You may try Smith Scale Raceway, I know they have parts run these chassis...... Probably you'll spend about $50-$60 to buy parts to setup this style car.....Search and watch Ebay and you can probably buy some used womps for $20-$30. ...
              Matt B
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                By all means. Out of my five cars there are probably 3 different brands, but they all run very close. Come to think of it I have a Steel chassis that I haven't seen for a while. I'll have to look around for it.


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                  thank you all !

                  I may go for pioneer legends cars instead. Easier to find and maybe cheaper (I need 4 of them for my oval track). Or try to find the womps cars used.