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    I love my Cudas but this is out of reach for even me Sold on Ebay for $140.00 The Yellow and Black #89 is listed for $169.99 and $209. Good thing I have 2 of them. The Blue and White #04 is listed for $219. I have 3 TransAm 48 and 42. Glad I bought them all when I did. This have got to be collectors and not racers.
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    Arrold Martin
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    I have no idea. But you know who makes a bloodsport out of slot car buying & selling? Guys who collect old AFX stuff. They often seem personally offended when someone asks a price they consider to be too high for a car.


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      Did it sell for $140 or was it buy it now for $140 and the timer expired? If it was bought, that was someone wanting it pretty bad.
      You and i wont spend that much when they are runners or racers.
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      • arroldn
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        No it was bidded up that high.

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      There are only 2 SCX Cudas in my garage and I'm hoping now that SCX is on the move again there will be more to follow, and perhaps another pony wars car to keep it company.
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        Arroldn, Is this the Blue car you were talking about?

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          Click image for larger version  Name:	42 Cuda.jpg Views:	0 Size:	4.5 KB ID:	27760Click image for larger version  Name:	48 Cuda.jpg Views:	0 Size:	4.1 KB ID:	27761Click image for larger version  Name:	2019 #89 TransAm.jpg Views:	0 Size:	209.5 KB ID:	27762Click image for larger version  Name:	2019 HRW TransAm Entry .jpg Views:	0 Size:	340.4 KB ID:	27763Click image for larger version  Name:	20160129_182047_resized (350x197).jpg Views:	0 Size:	35.9 KB ID:	27764
          That's the one $219 buy it now. My five Cudas. I also have 3 Challengers #77 and 2 of the pink ones. 1 has been numbered as #53. I had hoped to have entered the lighted #89 in this past TransAm proxy. At 60 laps it was even with the #48 until I put new tires on the #48. The #48 just didn't have it in the proxy this year. Dismal finish 18th overall.
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          Arrold Martin
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            I managed to pick up the #42 and and #04
            I did not pay $200 for either, or combined. Those kinda prices are outrageous.
            I've been trying too find a #89 at under 100 but so far no go.


            • arroldn
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              The 04 is not in my stable. At these prices it wont be. I was looking at the Green car back about 3-4 years ago and thought the price was to high.
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              I wanted the green car too, but so far I've never seen it below $119. I won't pay that. The yellow car has been below 100, but not when I had the cash ready. So that's my go to, I'll find it again.

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            I only have the #48 and the Green SCX Cuda's. When the Green one came out, I wanted one so I asked the LHS to order one. It never happened so, I had to get mine online from the LHS supplier on my own. It became my most expensive 1/32 slot car. I wanted the car bad enough to pay the price. This only happened once!!! It is still one of my most expensive, top 5, slot cars. Vintage or modern. 1/32 or 1/24. No it wasn't as much as the prices listed above, but double the retail price.

            Jim W
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              Price gouging much! That's too much to pay for a slot car in my opinion. At most I have shelled out $60 on my most expensive purchase, but that's just me. All of my cars are runners too, so I tend to shy away from sealed and shelf queens. Keep looking, there are always more out there. Took me over a year to find a coveted and rare DBR9 that I have been wanting.


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                I have cars that I could sell on the bay , but they are ones that I know are still new in the box . Anything thing else I consider used .


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                  yes these Cuda's are very pricey, The green ones I believe, were a Ltd Edition run, I have the yellow 89 and Blue/White #04 version, at various stages it has been swapped to a RX42B motor /pod, SCX pro turbo for a while, RK pod with yellow Flat6 and slot it foams. great cars