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1965 chevy malibu 1/32

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  • 1965 chevy malibu 1/32

    Soooooooooo, had some fun in the shop today. Started a resin body,(my first),and made some progress.
    I'm gonna use a donor 1/32 die cast 65 to make both ends "pop". Wow, what a lot of trimming!!!!!!!!!
    So far, so good. nothing has broke. As I am new to resin, I figured I could wash the body very good, and prime it.
    I plan on about 4 or 5 coats of tamiya primer. Then bring in some color.

    Will post more as I go. Click image for larger version

Name:	20200321_111421.jpg
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    Any advice would be great from you guys. This resin is new to me. I think I'm gonna be able to use the diecast parts on the resin body.
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    Eric Foster
    Port Republic Va

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    the real deal
    Click image for larger version

Name:	P1010006.JPG
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    Matt B
    So. In


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      Mattb, that is a beautiful car. The paint is amazing!!!!!
      Eric Foster
      Port Republic Va


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        Only advise I can give you is to be very carefull when trimming (especially when sanding) resin. Use a mask and work outside if possible.


        • one32
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          Thank you for the heads up demether. I will for sure protect myself from the dust

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        I painted the car with single stage black urethane in my carport!........ That was easy, the hard part was the month of block sanding to get it straight enough for black!!

        I have one of those fairly cheap fans that is on a stand. ..... When I sand resin or metal I set the fan right next to the work so it blows all the dust away from me..... If I use the belt sander, dremel, any of those tools, ,,,I work right in front of the fan with it blowing across the work and away from me.....Much easier than using a dust mask.
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        Matt B
        So. In


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          Here is one that I did as a Fairgrounds car some time ago. With this resin body little prep work was needed.

          People that are making resin bodies need to take precautions because some of the ingredients are sensitizers, those ingredients are no longer present as such in the final product however. Any sort of dust should be considered to be a hazard, if you need to do a lot of sanding or grinding to that with good ventilation or use a mask.
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            Great project.

            However, I can't say trying to use the diecast grill/parts is a good idea. Too heavy and will cause more stress on the resin than needed.

            Most back casts of this model I have seen had the grill and rear bumper assembly as part of the overall mold.

            Simple cleaning of the body with mild soap and water is usually all you need to prep for painting.


            • one32
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              Thanks Harry, The grill and rear bumper off the diecast are plastic. It may be a tad heavier, but I don't figure too much.
              I just wanted to add a little bling to the chevy grill , so the Fords can see the shine in their rear view mirrors!!!!!!

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            Nice cars.
            This and a 65 Buick Riviera on on my want to do list.