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My recent Ninco Corvette build.

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  • My recent Ninco Corvette build.

    Having some more time at home has got me finishing up some projects that have been lingering around for a while. I took this Vette apart probably 4 months ago. Last night I decided it was time to put it back together. Unfortunately I am going to have to change the motor in it, as even for a 14k this one is very slow. It came in another car so who knows how long it has been in service.

    I will also be shimming the gear and cutting the motor shaft once I get the handling confirmed.

    Anyhow here is a list of the things done to it. All simple modification that done well produce a really good handling and fun car to drive.

    -S-can 14k motor. (I might put an 18k in it for the time being) Axles and 9/25 gearing
    -Front axle is blocked up with styrene sheet, then the front wheels trued down as far as possible.
    -Front and rear wheels are Pendle Classics
    -Rear tires are BOSA Ninco urethanes
    -Professor motor Oilite bushings glued in the back, glued in place.
    -Samson Clasics guide tube. I really like using these to put upgraded guides in cars where the post hole is too large or irregular shaped. I just ream out the chassis and press one of these in there. Perfect fit and the guide stays nicely positioned.
    -Sloting plus wood guide w/ soft braid
    -Trimmed .050" off the body posts, installed urethane washers washers. (body lowered around .030")
    -Lots of work done around the edges of the chassis and body to get some good float, this car was tight!

    First laps show it runs very nicely, except for the dog motor!

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Good job Zack, ............before chucking the motor, try a 23T Crown., better yet, a 10T pinion.................our local clubs run a ton of classes with 14K(ish) motors, and for anything up to 70gms., ratios in the 2.3/2.5 to 1 are the norm, (all the fast guys at least )

    Chris Walker


    • ZackM
      ZackM commented
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      Chris I may try that, but after putting it on the track I remembered thinking this was a turd last time it was in a car! I might fool around with it a bit more tonight before ripping it out, We will see how impatient I am!


    • Kevan
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      Have you tried running the motor in the other direction with the spur on the other side of the pinion?

    • ZackM
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      Kevan, no I haven't. But this is the standard rotation direct for this car etc. I think a motor swap will be in order, but I am going to try gearing it up a little first!

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    looks good zack. working on one too. need to try that guild mod on mine also...
    THE other Vancouver aka Vancouver Washington across the river from keep Portland weird....
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      Your Corvette is just so easy on the eye … and even if it doesn't go too fast, it looks fast. Another motor that would really make it sing is the green Ninco Sparker.
      CHCH NZ


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        Nice build Zack I have the same vette built for our 14k class I run


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          Very nice. That's one car I do not have that's on my bucket list.


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            I have several of those I bought for a previous proxy. Most of them turn in the 12/13K range it is the rare one that makes a full 14K. That is the main reason we made the H&R the spec motor for our class as most of the are in the 14-15K range.


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              Last suggestion on the motor....try running it dunked in water or alcohol. Sometimes that really helps old tired motors.
              Or you might just have a slow happens.
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                The alcohol trick is worth a try, dust from the motor brushes can get caught in the commutator slots and cause a partial short. If that does not work you might have trouble finding an exact replacement for the motor. A Slot Car Corner Tuna motor would have a little more power, but less than a Scalextric 18K type motor.


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                  I really like the wire wheels. I have used them on some vintage Ferrari builds and they really are something. Nice looking car

                  G.P Alberta