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Pioneer Legend kits - instructions needed!

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  • Pioneer Legend kits - instructions needed!

    A master model builder on HRW now has the 2 Pioneer Legend kits I never summons the energy to assemble and asked me where are the instructions. The unfortunate answer is there never are any with Pioneer kits. I just put a Pioneer Camaro kit together last week and had to figure it all out on my own. Thankfully the unpainted Camaro and Mustang kits from Pioneer come with pre-assembled chassis, while the Legend kits are complete builds from bags of parts.

    The reason I never assembled the kits is because I lack the motivation to spend the time needed (5 hours according to the box) to do that much assembly. I never even opened them except to look at the stick on decals. When kits with pre-assembled chassis are available I'll try again because I do what to create my own tribute car paint schemes.

    Help is needed from the HRW community since there's nothing on the Pioneer website.