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Pioneer Legend kits - instructions needed!

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  • Pioneer Legend kits - instructions needed!

    A master model builder on HRW now has the 2 Pioneer Legend kits I never summons the energy to assemble and asked me where are the instructions. The unfortunate answer is there never are any with Pioneer kits. I just put a Pioneer Camaro kit together last week and had to figure it all out on my own. Thankfully the unpainted Camaro and Mustang kits from Pioneer come with pre-assembled chassis, while the Legend kits are complete builds from bags of parts.

    The reason I never assembled the kits is because I lack the motivation to spend the time needed (5 hours according to the box) to do that much assembly. I never even opened them except to look at the stick on decals. When kits with pre-assembled chassis are available I'll try again because I do what to create my own tribute car paint schemes.

    Help is needed from the HRW community since there's nothing on the Pioneer website.

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    slothead , not sure if you still need this but I was able to download the instructions onto my iPad


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      Actually the instructions are on pioneer’s website under downloads. I just looked them up the other night.
      Mike - Galena Ohio

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        Yepper... it's about 60 pages worth of printing if you want to do that and that is for each model!!
        Warren, Ohio


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          I passed my Legend kits on to Dundee Denny and have gone with the RTR versions. At some point I do expect to create some unique Legend paint schemes but haven't mustered the motivation to do the work needed to assemble the chassis in the kits. I'm a champ at dropping small parts and then can't find them. My best bet may be to buy some of the paint defect Legends from the INASLOT website and just paint over the current livery.


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            I have 2 kits i plan on putting together this year, I also drop small parts and overlook things right in front of me but all part of the aging process. LOL