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    I have several Scalextric cars which use a thin tire with no center rib. The car is an Open Team Joest #c701. Can anyone help me find tires?

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    Okay. I get it that the tires for this car are terrible. What should I replace them with? I 'm looking for entire rear axle, gear, wheels and tires.


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      I tried to do some research about the car last night and didn't get anywhere. It seems to be an old track set car.

      If you can measure the wheels and tires someone may be able to help you. Harry has posted info about what the Paul Gage part numbers represent dimension wise, so something appropriate may exist. The same goes for replacing the rear axle - a photo and dimensions may make it possible for someone to assist you.


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        Is it this car ?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600.jpg
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        Measure the O.D. of the wheels with tyres fitted.
        Then simply choose one of the inline replacement kits,

        KK01 has the smaller 15.8mm diameter hubs, and is the likely fit if you want an outside
        diameter up to say 20mm
        Click image for larger version

Name:	SIKK01B_82253.jpg
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        or KK07 which has thew larger 17.3mm wheels if you want a large OD up to 21.5mm

        Mate those with any or NSR tyre for the rim diameter -to suit your track surface make an OZ wheel type insert for the smaller hub, which is quite similar if you want accuracy
        They are for their DTM Alfas, but look about right.


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          OD = 19.5, ID=17.0, OW=10.5
          I got this off the Scalextric site. I just can't fond a match. As I am only interested in keeping the car running I will put anything I can find that will work.
          Right now I have an Artin axle, gear, bushings, and tires on Cliff car. The car sits a little highter, but the kids don't care. I just don't want to hear "mines is broken".


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            Hi Frank

            As I mentioned in my private message yesterday your best bet is to pop one of these axle kits in from SCX. Less than $10.00 shipped. This kit even has the upgrade bronze bushings
            The wheels are a very common size - 15 x 8 and all manufactures have tires that will fit these wheels. I had these same cars for the kids many years ago and this is exactly what I did to them so so they could use off the rack tires. I went even further and purchased kits for the front end and just used the wheels and tires from those kits. My local hobby store was blowing these axle kits out for about $4.00 a piece at the time.

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              Thanks for the tip. I just ordered five. That should cover me for a while.