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  • 4 Lane Question

    Right now I building a 4 lane banked oval with my Scalextric Sport track and I am wondering is there a clip for holding the lanes tight together? Something I can buy or if someone can point me in the direction of a 3D printer file that I can make them.
    Chris Rhynold

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    Hi when I had a 4 lane Scalextric 'Classic' layout, I hammered little nails through the plastic at the bottom of the slot to hold it in place.
    Maybe you could cut several wooden wedges and nail the track to the wedges.

    Just a thought.

    Chris (in Canberra)


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      Metal clips are made for HO track, they may also work with Scalextric track. Try a Google search for Aurora track clips.


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        You might be able to use Evergreen "u" channel styrene. I used it when I had Artin track to hold the pieces together.
        Stan S.
        Newberg, OR
        Autodromo Rossa Colline (Red Hills Raceway)
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          Carrera makes a clip exactly like you want. ...Not sure if the sidewall thickness of your track is close to the thickness of Carrera, ,,,but I bet it is pretty close.
          Click image for larger version

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          Matt B
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            Thanks Guys. Matt those are exactly what I am looking for
            Chris Rhynold


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              Well Ive looked all over and cant find any(well not that wont cost me a fortune to ship) which resulted in my buying 2 more cars I didnt expect to buy hahahahahaha.

              Any ideas what to use.
              Chris Rhynold


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                Take a couple of sections of track to a local hardware store. Not Lowes, not Home Despot. A real hardware store if you can find one. Find someone, show them what you are trying to do then go to the section of the store with lots and lots of little drawers. Clips can possibly be found there.

                Tell us what you find!

                This just in!

                Bridge clips. I do not know if they will work.

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                  Something like that might work if i cut them down with the dremel

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                Thanks Lou Ordered some today. With a little modifying I think they will work
                Chris Rhynold


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                  Great idea Lou. Had to take the dremel and cut off a bunch of the flat but worked perfect, Basically cut the sides off at the bottom of the Rapesco logo. Thanks a bunch
                  Chris Rhynold