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Revo slot I'm hooked.

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  • Revo slot I'm hooked.

    Just received my first Revo, the Toyota no.37 very good took war Eagles advice and checking all the screws found one of chassis float Bolt's lose . It's worth checking before , running them here is some pics.
    John from Australia.

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    They are excellent well made slot cars. There painting is second to none. They run well and are fun to tune. I got the revo addiction too! Good choose on that Supra!
    happy slotting!


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      I'm surprised no one has talked about them here yet. I haven't got any with loose bolts yet. Let me preface this by saying I run them on a wood track.

      For someone like my who likes to paint and race more than tune, they are the best! If you want, you don't have to true the tires, you can run them in. Lap after lap they get smoother and faster. No gluing is needed, Not even weight. But added weight stabilize the car in turns and does speed up the tire run in. They run competitively with each other and handle well. I have found quick truing of all 4 tires, adding weight to 107 grams, and loosening the pod to give the car better handling is all that is needed.

      They are gorgeous cars and the all metal chassis screams cool and quality. I have to actively remind myself the body isn't metal and can't drive and handle it as if it is. The price point is also, in my humble opinion, perfect.

      When I look at what other manufactures like fly, flyslot, falcon, etc.. offer and their prices, there is no comparison. most of those car need, a lot of work to even be a decent runner, new tires, probably a new pinion gear, if not more. And that is if the plastic wheels are round and the crown gear is in decent shape. even with all that done and the extra money spent at best they might compete with revos.

      For my money the top 5 manufactures for out of the box racing slot cars you have NSR,, Sideways, Revoslot and Scaleauto. Honorable mention to MRSlotcar.CA, (if they released more cars more often I would swap them with Scaleauto in the top 5)


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        “I'm surprised no one has talked about them here yet”
        Impul-sive, what do you mean no one has talked about RevoSlot here yet? Look a little more closely, they have been discussed in entirety!
        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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          A club favourite. We raced them last year and they're the next class we're running once the Trans Am class is done next week. The only drawback, if you can call it that, is that I think they are better suited to just running as a class unto themselves because of their weight.


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            I agree, if they are to be raced with a weight limit they are best against each other. but if you run with breakouts and not worry about anything else they can compete.


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              I'm in agreement with everyone, l have held off buying for a while , reading the reviews here and videos has helped make my mind up. This is why HRW is a great Forum between Harry's reviews on the different models and war eagle rivers turning vid. Convinced me! Just would like to see a few more bodys choice , hopefully that will come in time as BRM is doing. I'm thinking of buying chassis and building already!
              john from Australia.


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                i refuse breakouts. i don't race to keep under a speed limit.
                but i Will help the slower guys go faster.


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                  Completely agree speedNH but till the slow guys catch up. This gives them a target. Dont think of it as a penalty we have all been there as rookies. But to each their own. The greatest part is to keep the new guys interested so the hobbie and the sport grows. If your always getting your clocked cleaned you will stop showing up.