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  • monocote is your friend

    Somebody here did something a while back giving me the idea to fix my charger.
    I hated the stupid blower on the hood.
    Once removed it looked terrible with the holes and blackout.
    Click image for larger version

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    However, some black monocote applied this morning and WHAM!!! 100% better

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice job! looks much better I have a charger too and also hate that damn blower....


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      I have the same car - and don't like the blower either... The monocote filled the holes in the hood??? Or did you fill it with something first??


      • williamg
        williamg commented
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        no, I just stuck it on. The monocoat floats over it if you don't rub it into the holes.
        Filling the holes might be better, but this worked.

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      Great idea. I use MonoKote trim sheets to make white roundels, chrome pieces and a black and white checker stripe on my timing gantry. They are very handy.



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        You could have gone with a whole new color change instead of just the hood .


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          Twas I the posted about using red Monokote to cover the door, hood, and roof art on the Pioneer 'Red Devil' Charger street racer so I could make a #71 K&K Insurance Dave Marcus tribute car out of it. Water slide decals stuck to the Monokote and in a few hours I had a no fuss makeover.

          I've used the stuff for many years on everything from dirt modified bodies to track scenery. It comes in a wide variety of colors and has an adhesive backing making it easy to apply. A piece of the checkered flag stuff is the floor of my Victory Lane.


          • williamg
            williamg commented
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            thank you, I could not remember who it was.