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Ball Bearings in Slot it Pod

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  • Ball Bearings in Slot it Pod

    A few years ago there was a video showing how to install ball bearings in a Slot it rear pod. You had to cut or drill out the "fingers" and super glue the bearing in. Any Idea where to find that?
    Courtney Smith
    Chattanooga TN

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    I think Chrisguyw has a how-to on doing it with bushings, it may be back on the other forum.

    Basically the same process.

    You want to cut the fingers off, and ream the holes up to 3/16 with a reamer of some kind. I usually do a bit with a tapered reamer, and then use a chainsaw sharpening bit to get the holes bored out. Then just put your bearings and axle in there and make sure you have everything perfectly straight before gluing the bearing in with glue.

    I recommend going with Loctite 380 glue, it is PERMANENT and the toughest glue I have ever used. It is priced accordingly.

    Hope that helps, I will see if I can dig up said article.



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      Slot It now offers a pod made for ball bearings.
      Butch Dunaway
      Oxford, Ohio


      • #4 pods that accept ball bearing bushings.

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        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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          Works great I have used the pod


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            Just make sure that you use a good quality bearing, inexpensive (cheap) ball bearings will not perform as well as a sintered bronze bearings will have more slop than a bushing (not great for handling), and they do not hold oil, so , unlike a bushing, they will need somewhat frequent oiling, so not really the hot tip for proxy events with several rounds.

            If you are interested in using ball bearings, I would buy them from a commercial raceway, and get bearings that are used for commercial 1/24 cars,.....not the cheap ones produced for 1/32 plastic cars.

            Chris Walker


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              Thanks everybody for the reply I’m going to look for the Loctite glue and I have the concept of how to put in the ball bearings in an old slot it pod but I was wanting to watch the video again as far as the new pod I only see them available from Pendle there is one for the 4wd drive car that should works also.
              Courtney Smith
              Chattanooga TN


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              I have found the ones fine in other applications - I have been using them for about 3 years in modified Scalex chassis' - The axles are a tight fit in them - no slop, much firmer fit than the gimbal bushes, which have about 0.02mm by specification.
              I can't comment on longevity for say endurance racing, as I don't run any individual car more than say monthly for club racing.
              Prior to that I bought bulk of ball races from an RC distributor in China, and from an American wholesaler of mainly steel chassis products.... you know that wee one who makes controllers, and lathes and ...
              I haven't had issues with any of the three sources to date.
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