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Legends kits , lets see them!

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  • Legends kits , lets see them!

    Hi all!
    I finished up 4 of the Legends kits last week and they saw the track for the first time,besides testing and tuning , the other night . WOW ! these cars are the bomb!
    With just a little weight under the front axle , and urethane tires on the back these cars handle great and go like stink on my routed no mag carrera digital track.
    All four of us were in agreement on this .
    They were painted with rattle can spray paint and have a combo of custom water slide decals and /or hand painted flames ,{ the orange one} , The black i tried something different ,
    I took the scrap pieces of the clear water slide decal paper and lightly spray painted them first yellow the red. the next day i sprayed them with a clear flat finish. Next day i found that the clear coat had wrinkled the paper...bummer...wait ..maybe not, With sharp scissors i cut out some random flame shapes and applied them to the car. You cant tell from the pictures but the wrinkles actually give it a 3 D! My buddy who received the car thought so to!
    Anybody else put together one of these? Lets see them! Click image for larger version

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    Nice rides. Great job making them different.


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      Good to see more kits being built. I'm pleased you're having fun with them.

      Thanks for posting.



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        Those cars came out nice.
        Robert- Shoreline Model Raceways Club
        Connecticut, U.S.A.


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          Very nice.
          Saginaw Valley Raceway
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            Well done cars. Most of the Legend cars I've seen at dirt tracks around the northeast (a few years ago) had straight forward paint schemes. Don't remember seeing the fancy multicolor wraps like on modern dirt modifieds or late models.

            I've had 2 kits for about 2 months now and haven't touched them yet. The second 2 Legend RTR cars are nicely done and will do for now, though I'm still looking forward to RTR chassis being available along with body only kits.


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              Looks like these Legends will offer lots of creative ideas amongst us!

              Boyz thinking about how they will tinker with theirs

              thumbs up on yours!!!!

              Dundee Denny


              • slothead
                slothead commented
                Editing a comment
                Hey Mister Dundee Denny, do you already have some Legend kits in the shop or are you thinking of getting one or more? If you haven't gotten one yet I have a proposition for the Boyz. I have both kits but haven't done anything with them yet. I'll donate one to the Boyz to do with as they choose in exchange for them building the other for me. Worth considering?

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              Those look SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET...thanks for posting!!
              TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
              Warren, Ohio


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                The red and yellow #8 is my favorite from the ones pictured in this thread. These cars are well suited for 2-tone paint schemes.


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                  Jules - I see you're logged in right now and I have a question. I know production info is usually confidential but if you can share any info about availability of RTR Legend chassis (like the Charger chassis I got from Ken Proxie for his Cyclone bodies) and body kits I'd like to know.

                  Complete unpainted kits like are available for the notchback Mustang would be perfect for me too. Just paint the body as desired, mount it on the chassis, and hit the track.



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                    Hey slothead , not sure if you already know but they make the ready to paint kits of the Legend cars . I have both of them .


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                      I have the two kits that need to be fully assembled, but lost interest in putting them together. What I'm hoping for are kits with an RTR chassis and unpainted body so I can come up with my own paint scheme.

                      If Legend kits of the type I want are available I missed that. Jules had said dealers would have them in early January but I didn't see them when I checked about 2 weeks ago.