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Unwanted Lane Change

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  • Unwanted Lane Change

    I have a lane change on my Carrera Digital track that my car will change lanes on its own sometimes. Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated.

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    Is the lane change by chance Pro-x? If so it will change lanes EVERY time on a D/132 track without any input from you.
    If not, then more than likely the the plastic trigger in the slot is not returning to position [ the return trigger is mechanical not electronic]. This can be caused from a few things.
    1. Dirt stopping the trigger or debris blocking it.
    2. Guide is not making good contact with the trigger. If it's a Carrera car, the guide could be worn.
    If another brand of car, the guides are smaller and thinner and don't reach the trigger well.
    3. The front ride height of the car may be to high, causing the guide not to be deep enough in the slot to contact the trigger consistently.
    4. The metal arm that guides the car into the other lane may be slightly bent.


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      Everything is new so dirt won't be the problem. Thanks for the info.

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    I don' know if this is it but had that problem and it was my overhead track lighting. I had a few incandescent lights to warm up the colors from the cool white led room lights. It never did it during night racing or when those incandescent lights were out so figured it out. I'd check the guide and for junk in the switch too.


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      Randy is correct. What is happening is the lane changer is NOT returning to its previous position after the car has changed lanes. Then the next time any car comes to the lane changer it's still left open and will change lanes.

      The guide is what closes the lane changer so there has to be an issue with the guide. Is it just one car that is doing this? Try manually pushing a car thru the L/C while the L/C is open to see if it closes it. Do not push down on the car.
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