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  • DS 300 lap counter help

    We use the counter mainly for timing and for lap totals. I admit to not understanding the technical part much and of not being able to follow the manual which is poorly written for an old guy. I would like to be able to set the system to shut off at 100 laps. Nothing else, just shut off when the first car reaches 100 laps and flash the winning lane. It should still time each lap and give the lap count, but at 100 it will flash and quit counting.

    I think currently it is set for a time limit, because it will shut down after a few minutes and the lap count is always different. I am a little scared to just start pushing buttons and mess up how it works now.

    Anybody that has used one of these and knows which buttons to push to set it up this way, I would sure appreciate your help. All want do is set it for 100 laps.


    Matt B
    So. In

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    Don't feel alone. I have a DS-300 Pro, still in the box. I bought it off a member on HRW.
    Once I get the courage I'll start drilling holes in my track and set up the dead strips.
    I wish you luck and you can do the same for me.


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      Frank, I can help you some with the set up. My system was used for a 6 lane track and I cut up the light bridge for my 4 lane wood track. I think there was a plastic strip that went under the track (Carrera) that had the lights in it. I removed the lights with their wiring from the plastic under track piece and put them under my wood track. I drilled a 1/8 hole in each slot and put the lights up in the hole with some duct tape holding them in. I then screwed a flat piece of mdf against the bottom of the track to hold everything in place. I took apart the light bridge and cut it to fit my track. I pulled it apart and then repositioned the sensors so they matched up with the lights. I then glued the spacers and stuff in the bridge to hold everything where it needed to be, I screwed the sides of the bridge to the side of my wood track. I tried to use the stock wiring and spliced hook up cables together to reach the timing units. I did test everything on the work bench to make sure it worked before I started drilling on the track.

      At the present time all it does is count laps and give lap times. I am trying hard t understand the programming so I can set the counter to reach 100 and stop counting and flash the winning lane.

      I have had trouble with 2 lanes reading times every 2-3 seconds and counting laps when there are no cars on the track.. I've tried all the simple stuff you can do to fix that and finally found the light source was the problem. I blocked the light completely and put a Harbor Freight blue flash light shining up . The crazy reading stopped. When I would pass my hand over the light source the lane would register one lap and give the lap time. I fiddled with the light below the slot and found that it must have moved ever so slightly that it wasn't reaching the sensor as good as it should. Now it works fine.

      The timer is a great way to make racing even. I run all cars on the orange lane and watch the time. I clean the track first then the tires, then start running each car. If they are faster than 3.90, I change gearing to slow them down. If they are slower than 4.1, I speed them up a little, That keeps everybodys cars really even and makes racing good for everyone.

      pm me if you need help. If I figure out more programming I'll pass it on the you.
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      Matt B
      So. In


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        Frank, I got some help from Paul Miller on the programming. Paul describing the program process to me and me having the manual and control unit in front of me, made it pretty easy to see how to set the box for a race to be run for a certain time or for a certain number of laps. That was all I wanted for now, but I will get deeper in it and let you know more as I learn it.

        Tomorrow I will take some pictures of the process and create a simple instruction page for this. It is simple, but the first time it's nice to have guidance from somebody that's been there. It is easier than setting the clock in your car!
        Matt B
        So. In