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  • Changing course........

    So I'm in the process of changing my course of hobbies from Slots for the past 10 years to RC crawlers. I like the advancement that RC has made and I love the crawlers and the control of the vehicle you get at the low speeds. So here is the question and or bridge to cross. I have a bunch of Slot car track set ups cars controllers etc...…..I would like to get as much (all) of this in the hands of people that will use and race and have fun with everything. That being said the funds are used for me to transition to a new venture.

    So what would be the best way to do this. I'm thinking a spread sheet to list everything and I'm willing to take offers. I thought of maybe group pictures of everything and then if needed I can send specific photos of things of interest to anyone? I can keep track of everything from the spread sheet? Do you think this would be too confusing?

    Most of my cars are open cockpit racers. Ferraris, Matras, Lolas, midgets and parts gears etc... I also have tools and a bunch of NINCO track and rails and fencing. On top of that I was on my way to do a routed track so I have enough spooled magnetic braid to do a two lane routed track about 80 ft. of two lanes. That's not all, I have aluminum lane changers and a track design and layout. I was doing this to complete an oval and road track. So the changers will keep you in the advanced lanes for the oval out to in and the additional changers would be used to run either oval or road course. This set up an be used with choice of digital system or AC2Car (which was what I was going for).

    Enough said.

    Any feed back or interest is much welcomed. Thank you all for any help. Have fun!!
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    I would not get rid of everything.
    I have been into R/C heavily since the 80's and one thing I learn is never count in or out a hobby.

    Right now R/C people in my area is weak, and my health not great so slots is better. But I still keep a couple in case I get the urge.

    Same with slots, been in and out a few times and lose money if I sell and then in 3 years get back in.

    So sell some, but not all so you can get a fix if you are bored one day because the weather is foul, or our get sink and want something to do indoors


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      Good advice, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you


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        This is interesting

        After I had a Stroke last year I lost interest in slot car racing and I had just finished building a routed 70' three lane track downstairs. I didn't even have the timing system set up yet.

        However I saw the RC Crawlers that had been sitting on the a shelf in the garage for several years and got them down cleaned them up, I bought some new batteries and had a blast. I even attended a few organized events.

        After a couple of months I found myself enjoying the slot cars again. Whether it was the stroke or the medication I was taking I don't know.

        I would keep some of both around just in case.


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          I go back and forth between slots and woodworking......and sometimes both at the same time. It's OK to take a break and come back.

          It's often a little harder to sell a large batch of stuff together. There are a few places that will take full collections and resell them. Sometimes a group of folks will get together to buy a collection and then split it up. But most folks don't want an entire collection and unless you find someone with the same track, the track is almost a give-away just due to shipping costs.

          If you are going to sell them here, make sure the rules are clear and consistent (first reply, on the thread or via PM, posting as they sell or are still available, etc) so people know how to ask and whether what they want is still available.

          That's my opinion at least.
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            As a recent RC Crawler enthusiast, I can appreciate the passion.

            But slot cars have always been, and will always be my hobby. I have only one other, Electric Football. More a collector than competition. A nostalgia thing I guess.

            It is fun to have something different once in awhile. But I wouldn't sell it all just yet. As soon as you will wish you had some back lol.

            Good luck in whatever you choose.



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              My 2 cents worth is to sell some, enough for what's currently on your RC wish list, and hold on to the rest for now. A mistake we often make is to think the way we are today is the way we'll be from now on. I often count my blessings for the things I wanted to have or happen that didn't. Things go best when I get an idea then sit on it. If it's the right thing in the big picture I can make it happen later, when it's been well thought out.

              It's also true that the older I get the longer it takes me to process options. That bright idea I got last week is usually a lot dimmer this week, while another way to proceed has risen to the surface.


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                Hi guys, yes it is a rough decision process and I can see where you all are coming from. Perhaps the best thing is to keep the ones I can't do without and sell the rest. I'll figure something out. I do appreciate all the insight though! Glad to hear from you all.

                Thanks and keep having fun!!


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                  You will figure it out and make a smart decision. Rushed decisions are the ones we tend to regret, and you're being thoughtful about this. It's not life or death, but you do want the best outcome.

                  As for what to do regarding stuff you decided to sell you could post a list of makes and models and ask those interested to contact you. Or, sell a few at a time so you can post more info about them. Photos work best, and that's very easy to do on this new forum. Don't hesitate to find help (how to videos from Steve at SCC) or ask for help if needed.

                  Depending on what you decide to part with you might find it's worth more than you imagine. Cars that are no longer available such as historic NASCARs from Monogram and Carrera, or Can-Am cars are selling for more used than they did new. Same for some Trans Am cars such as SCX AAR 'Cuda. These are the types of cars I race and would be interested in. A quick online search can tell you what similar cars are going for these days. Ask for a fair price since you can always drop the price on things that don't sell.