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Never enough Chaparrals!

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  • Never enough Chaparrals!

    The latest addition to my Chaparral paddock.

    The body is a pre-assembled MRRC from Alan at 132SlotCar. It turns out the the Alpha Romeo 33/3 chassis is the perfect wheelbase for the Chaparral. It needed to be narrowed to fit so a piano wire brace was expoxied in place. A BB pod and 25k NSR Shark motor. Narrow track required replacing wheels with hubless CB Designs. The interior was trimmed of unnecessary bits. At 67gm it will benefit from a little lead, but early testing is promising despite a rear track a few mm narrower than other classics.
    Click image for larger version

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    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina

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    Love it! Interested to see if that's too much motor for the true to scale MRRC Chappy.


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      I have 3 MRRC Chaparrals, all stock except for PG tires. They actually are faster than the 2 Alfa 33/3s I have, also stock with PG tires. I run them all on a routed 57' road course.


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        You will probably have to choke back on that Shark 25K motor. An NSR Shark 20 or 21.9K or a Predator 18 or 22.5K might work better with cars that don't have traction magnets.


        • Mickey thumbs
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          I run at 10.5 volts and for some reason I prefer the feel of driving the 23-25K motors at this voltage over the 21K at 12V. I have no idea why, I just do. I can adjust the traction control on my Difalco controller if needed, but rarely do. I even go as far as swapping out the stock 21.9K NSR for the 25K in their SW Group C cars. I’m probably crazy, but the Trackmate lady doesn’t lie about lap times and I’m happy.☺️