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  • MRRC Porsche #72

    I recently picked up the MRRC #72 Porsche. A great looking car with the adjustable plastic chassis and a slimline motor. Does anyone know the specs on the motor as this car seems way overpowered. I run a wood track with no mags and usually around 10-11 volts. I was hoping to have something to run against-with the Revo Alfa. The alternative I guess would be to re-chassis the car and run a Revo motor. In that case I would be open to chassis suggestions etc.

    Thank you

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    I believe it’s 21k but it over powers the OEM chassis. It goes well with a National Racer chassis and the scale auto slimline pod
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      The NR chassis are really nice. I may have to try one of these.

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      Ragtopman is using one in the U2.5LTA and is doing VERY well.

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    Would any of the predator slim lines work? They have the 18K and I believe they just released a 14K.

    I'll look into the national racer chassis, unless you have a link?


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      Take a look at this discussion . . .
      Continued modification of a Monogram Chassis​ in the 1/32 scale forum
      It is an on going discussion of using a MONOGRAM or EJ'S Brass Chassis, Maybe even a Proxy?
      BTW I have used a M/T Slim line in one of mine and It works great on 13 volts. Maybe a new Predator slimline? Check out SCC and Clover Leaf they both carry the predator motors.
      T.R. Raceway
      Toms River NJ
      With the reassembly of this chassis after a few mild modifications from Sir Gascarnut and myself, the chassis is now soldered together and a modified handling kit added. With the move to 3/32 axles and bushings, the little 911S is starting to come together and may have some potential to run in future proxies. The next step in
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        I used a 14K slim can to tame a Scalextric MGB.
        I’d try an 18K before a printed chassis.
        The gray gears don’t work well. I was able to get the black replacement MRRC gears through Cincy Slots.
        If you run urethane tires, Paul Gage makes an offset tire for the stock rims. A great way to get wider shoes on the car.


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          The MRRC came with a variety of motors, the first ones had a 20,000RPM motor geared at 10/27.
          Later cars came with either a 16,000 or even a few with 13,000.
          First think is to try a tooth pinion. Also try adding some weight to bring it up to similar to your Revo.
          We run these as a Class down here fitted with Sedan bodies. We reduce tyre diameter to around 18mm front 19mm rear, and add weight to suit 10 volts.


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            I made this up to drop voltage and or braking, it works real well for when the kids come over to race... as simple potentiometer in line with the positive side of the track. Just used mine last night to slow down the Revoslot Escort I just got in the mail and got good results!
            Click image for larger version

Name:	PXL_20220814_105311162.jpg
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Name:	PXL_20220814_105304781.jpg
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            T.R. Raceway
            Toms River NJ


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              I have several on this Sebring chassis used by both MRRC and Monogram/Revell for several years. Those motors run anywhere from 21K-24K. I've replaced most of mine with Minnow 18K motors and at that rate they are very tuneable pleasant drivers.
              That chassis is also an excellent platform for custom builds Click image for larger version  Name:	20200710_170208.jpg Views:	47 Size:	2.43 MB ID:	176402 Click image for larger version  Name:	20200726_192301.jpg Views:	44 Size:	2.31 MB ID:	176403
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                That’s what I thought my 904s were super hot and were tamed w Minnows