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Difalco Spring Tension

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  • Difalco Spring Tension

    I’ve gotten so use to Slot-it and Frankenslot no trigger tension, was wondering if there’s a different spring available? I’ve oiled the bearings and it helped some but still stiff.
    Pass Christian, MS

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    Parma used to make range of springs. There may be stock out there somewhere (like Lucky Bob).
    You might call Jim?


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      If I recall correctly the Parma Economy springs have less tension than the Turbo/Sebring springs. I prefer more tension, to me the spring in the latest OS3 All Pro Elite is much too light, so I switched to a Turbo spring that I had hanging around. If you can't find the correct spring you might be able to re-locate the mounting point, so it is a little closer to the trigger.
      I just checked the Parma/PSE site and the springs are listed under the trigger parts.


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        You can just go to your local hardware store. They have all the drawers with different nut and bolts. They usually have different springs with different tension. I am just the opposite and like a stiffer spring.
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          Same here Mike the stiffer springs helps me in braking. Faster response makes going in deeper in the turns!

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        Here’s the reply from Jim. “If you have a controller that was new in the last couple years it already has a very light spring on it. If it is over a couple years old then my new springs have a lighter tension. “ My HD30 is a few years older , with the stiffer spring. Ordered a spring from Jim. Thanks for the replies
        Pass Christian, MS


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          FWIW-I have stretched the stock springs on my Difalco controllers in the past. Just stretch a little at a time. Go too far, and it's hard to make it stiffer again.
          Dickie Pearson
          Canterbury, NH

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            I received the spring from Jim, huge difference.
            Pass Christian, MS