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Flat Six Possibilities ??

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  • Flat Six Possibilities ??

    As much as I've come to rely on this Forum, I have one question, that I somehow keep forgetting to ask. I've been wanting to know the answer to this for some time, but I keep getting distracted : Can the FLAT SIX, possibly be used for scratch building inline Showdown/Stinker type chassis ?? If possible, would you have to solder the motor onto the JK motor bracket ? Would you use the offset crown gear ? If I could use that motor, it could likely free up my limitation of just building Stock Cars and GT Cars, with that inline configuration. It should allow enough room, to build a few LeMans and Daytona Prototypes, and CanAm cars ! Can the Flat Six, be used for inline scratch building ?

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    Why can't it? (I know I'm not adding much to this thread... but...) Can't anything be done?


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      Well of course it can. When you are scratchbuilding, YOU make it work. I have not placed one on a bracket, I'll do that.

      I just don't understand why that motor is so important? Simply the room gained? Piranha/Predator motors are inexpensive and reliable.


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        Simply the room gained, and just wanted to know if it would work. Just would like to do a LM-Prototype, inline, with a bit of an Interior, instead of having to black out the windows, due to the motor being in the way. Piranha and Predator motors are the main motors I use, in several versions !

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      Hi 6666hotrod, The Flat 6 will screw in to the JK bracket, as the width (spacing) of the tapped screw holes on the flat 6 are the same as on an FC-130, or FK-180.

      There are however 3 sets of tapped holes on the flat 6, (can end) that allow for 3 varying heights of the motor in the chassis/pod, and depending on which holes you choose, the Crown that you should use will vary.

      1/ If you install the motor with the centerline of the motor shaft at the same height as the centerline of the rear axle, a non offset Crown should be used.
      (A non offset Crown can be used with the motor shaft up to below the rear axle centerline,.....anything more, see #2 below

      2/ If you install the motor with the motor shaft 1mm below the centerline of the rear axle an "offset" Crown should be used,......or you can use an ARP tapered pinion (48P) in conjunction with a 48P Parma/MidAmerica Crown,....( I mentioned this in one of your previous questions/posts.)

      3/ Do not install the motor with the motor shaft centerline above the rear axle centerline.

      ****Depending on the height that you want to install the motor into the JK bracket, you may need to file/grind the bushing hole in the bracket a touch,.....this will not hurt either the bracket or the installation strength.

      Chris Walker

      PS Both the ARP pinions and the MidAmerica repro Parma Crowns are available at SlotCarCorner..
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        Sincere thanks, Chris !! Now, THIS, is what I was asking !