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  • Strange Thing With The Body

    I'm not even quite sure how to explain this, but I'm gonna dive right in, and hope someone else has experienced this, and can help/advise : I recently mentioned that I bought a few Caveman Bodeez 1/32 clear bodies, and was Major disappointed that they were 'way, out of scale. I salvaged one, cutting off the cartoonish "fender flares", and trimming down more of the body. This body is a Porsche 550 Spyder, which is an unusual find, that I'm happy I could get away with building into a fairly presentable slot car. Here's My Problem, now : I painted it on the inside, and the inside looks Great. Surprisingly, the outside looks only okay. But that's not the problem. The Problem, is that I Am Noticing That There Is A Clear Film On The Outside Of This Body !! You can actually scratch it ! You can actually peel it off ! And its starting to peel in certain areas, on it's own, which is beginning to mess up the body's appearance. I thought of buying another body, and painting on the outside, but this bizarre film, would be between the body and paint. Anyone ever seen/experienced This Craziness before ??

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    Lot of theplastic used for vac forming comes with a thin covering like yours. It's great, it means no masking the outside of the body, you paint the inside then pull the outside covering off. When you do that you will then see the clear shiny finish you expect. I get slots of bodies from team bluegroove. They have a website. All of their bodies come with a blue translucent covering and it saves a lot of time when you start prepping for paint. Usually use an Exacto to start lifting the covering off, but once I have it started I can mostly pull the covering off.
    Matt B
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      I REALLY Appreciate you for your answer, Matt !! ...I thought maybe I was trippin'

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    Many of the recently produced "clear" bodies do have a film overlay which as Matt mentions, is actually a will not find the "film"on bodies produced more than a few years, nothing Crazy going on.

    If painting on the inside, remove the film after painting,.....if painting on the outside, remove the film first

    Chris Walker


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      MUCH Thanks, to Matt and Chris !! I see it's A GOOD Thing !


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        did ya peel it off? let use see how it looks now :-)