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    I am fairly new to non mag slot cars and am in need of some help. I recently bought a RevoSlot Ferrari 333sp and while it looks amazing and is so well built I am having problems with the track times(Carrera track about 85’ or so, wish it was wood but maybe someday It is so much slower than all my other non-mag cars(slot-it, nsr and thunderslot)and wondering if it’s me?the car?or a better setup?? I have done all the usual things, as adjusting float, freeing up the front and rear axles so they spin freely, quick slicks TS43’s and most of the items done from the great video from War Eagle River and still it’s a good .5-1 full second beyond the rest of my cars esp. the Thunderslots...
    They are a lot heavier than the other cars mentioned so are they to race among other RevoSlots? Or am I missing something? I really love the look of the car so any help or info would be greatly appreciated. Thx in advance!

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    Wouldn't fret about the Revo’s being slower than other brands. It’s a unique brand, and they should be raced as a class of their own.
    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      Ok thx so much for the response and the info. That is what I needed to hear so I wouldn’t keep working on the car and driving myself crazy trying to make it faster. I just have to buy more RevoSlots!
      Really great looking cars for sure.


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        What I’m surprised about is the size of the thing. It dwarfed my Policar 330 P4 and Scalextric DPs. The 333 is identical to an MG Vanquish Mirage; that company was always taken to task for the size of their cars.
        Hoping that Mr. Slotcar gets the car sized correctly if they ever make it.
        Would like to see the Revo Slot item next to the SCX version.


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          Wow, lol. The cars are a bit bigger but not that bad in my eyes. The Ferrari is big, but the new Toyota is almost spot on to 1/32. Only about 1mm wider than scale.

          Click image for larger version

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          So the old Fly Joest Porsche in the center. Assuming the Fly/SCX/Any Brand Here is ACCURATE.

          I think they are great cars. About the best quality RUNNING GEAR under the hood. Smooth and fast.

          And as Mr War Eagle stated, they are a class to themselves. Race them against one another, just as we did the Vanquish MG (which we had a BLAST).

          Glad I don't lose sleep over a few millimeters here and there...if I did my collection would be VERY small.

          I wouldn't pass a car up if it's FUN to race with the folks next to you.


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            Originally posted by WB2
            What I’m surprised about is the size of the thing. It dwarfed my Policar 330 P4 and Scalextric DPs. The 333 is identical to an MG Vanquish Mirage; that company was always taken to task for the size of their cars.
            Hoping that Mr. Slotcar gets the car sized correctly if they ever make it.
            Would like to see the Revo Slot item next to the SCX version.
            Interesting that you should say that. I just searched for dimensions of the real car and checked the Revoslot for scale. In width, wheelbase and track I found no dimension bigger than 1:31.2 in scale and the average being 1:31.6. Quite exceptionally close to scale for a slot car I thought. I struggled with the length due to the monstrous wing sticking out behind. But even on that I got a true scale of 1:30.4. Not sure how much of that is due to the wing and how much due to actual dimensional inaccuracies.

            When I held my 333SP next to my Vanquish McLaren M8B the Ferrari looked noticeably smaller, particularly in width. When I checked the scale dimensions of the Vanquish McLaren they were typically in the 1:28 range. The width was actually 1:27.2 (!). Note also that I could not find M8B dimensions so I used the M8D dimensions. In reading up on the cars the 8D was actually wider than the 8B so my measurements actually do not adequately reflect how far off the Vanquish cars are. And to say the Revoslot is the same size as the Vanquish cars: I just did not see that in actual measurements. Just one example: my 333 is 64.1mm wide while the McLaren is 70.1mm (!). This while in real life the 333 was WIDER than the M8.

            As for the Policar P4: it is generally very close to scale, except for width, where it is quite a bit worse than the Revoslot (1:29.9 vs 1:31:2). It just so happens that the P4 in real life was quite a bit smaller than the 333. The 333 was almost 200mm (9") wider than the P4 and the wheelbase was a full 350mm (more than a foot) longer.

            All this to say that, based on actual measurements, I consider the Revoslot Ferrari 333SP uncommonly close to scale for a slot car. Compared to the Vanquishes they are phenomenally good!

            I would just caution us to not condemn slot car scales based on subjective observations as our eyes are frequently "out of calibration" PLUS we do not realise how much the 1:1 cars differed in size. The next thing we know is that a brand gets an (undeserved) public reputation as being badly out of scale while they are actually not at all bad.



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              Good call Alwyn. Beauty or scale(haha) is in the eye of the beholder. There’s always going to be rivet counters, but have found that they are more collectors than actual slot car racers. Race ‘em if you got ‘em!
              Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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                I have to say I love the Revoslots. I have found them to be the closest thing to straight out the box race ready. And if you spend a bit of TLC on them I find they are very fast indeed. I also have to say (as the car was named in the thread) that I also love my Policar P4. And come to think of it pretty much every one of my other slot cars as well.

                Nooo, no problem here: I am not addicted to this hobby or anything. No sirree, nope, not me..


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                  Need to pull out the Slot-it Audi R8C. Raced in the same GTP class with the Toyota.
                  Pass Christian, MS


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                    These are relatively mass produced representations so I'm not remotely bothered how scale correct they are as they're racing models not scale replicas.
                    Kevan - Isle of Man
                    Life is like a box of Slot cars...🚓🚗🚚🚜


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                      When I made my post, I had the 1:1 dimensions, the 1/32 equivalent, and the HRW actual measurements in hand. Yes, all pretty close to 1/32 except length - it was 10 mm longer.
                      We lined the 333 up alongside Scalextric and Sideways DPs, and Scalextric Mercedes GT3. In real life, the DPs are roughly the same size and the Mercedes is larger. All agreed the 333 looked big.
                      One thing with the 333 is the wing. It’s wider than the car. It should be the same width. I couldn’t find a 1:1 dimension on the chord.
                      I’ve seen a 333 sitting next to a Porsche RS Spyder, a Ferrari 512S, and a Lola T70. It blended right in. These were real cars in a real setting, in December of 2019.

                      I get it that Revo Slot is the new prom queen, and everyone is in love with her. My opinion, and my friends’, just differs.
                      Please post the comparison photo of the Revo Slot and SCX here.
                      As for the OP’s issue, if he has to race Revo Slot against Revo Slot, I hope he has a lot of money to spend. If he wants balanced performance, how about suggesting a gear change? Or drill holes in the chassis to lighten it. BOP comes into play in real racing.


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                        Here you go, SCX v Revo Slot.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	084A67D4-BA72-44F7-8038-CB73DF0467A2.jpeg
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                        Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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                          wow all the fenders go further back.


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                            Didn’t mean to cause a stir with my post and I get it now about racing brand vs brand. I absolutely love my RevoSlot and will be buying many more as they run like a Swiss time piece.
                            I am definitely not a rivet counter and just love the look of most of the new slot cars coming out. The only problem I have is buying too many of them!😃
                            thanks for the responses and I respect everyone’s opinions. It’s all about having fun, right?


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                              Whether we are racing in our club or racing in an event with other clubs, we enjoy close racing. Close racing is exciting racing and exciting racing is fun! Over the years we've had quite a few different classes and the rules are designed to keep the playing field as level as possible. Despite this, some classes tend to produce closer racing than others. When the RevoSlot's first arrived, we decided to host a 4-hour race with the Marcos LM600's. The only modifications allowed were adding weight and handout (Quick Slicks RS75) rear tires. The racing was incredibly close - 3 of the 4 teams were within 30 laps of one another at the finish of the event (1,400+ laps). All of the cars finished the race. The racing was close throughout and everyone involved agreed the "fun factor" was off the charts. Last Summer we traveled to Montreal to participate in a 12 hour race with the newer RevoSlot Porsche 911 GT2's. Each team received a brand new car but with a twist. The host completely disassembled each car requiring teams to assemble and tune them within a prescribed timeframe. Once again we used handout (Quick Slicks TS43) tires. While the teams were a bit more spread out overall (in part because many participants were still coming up the learning curve for an unfamiliar track), the final results did not tell the whole story. Over the last 6 hours of the race, the racing was incredibly close and exciting - there were several 300+ laps heats where 2 or 3 teams finished with the same lap total. At the end of the event, everyone agreed the cars were so much fun to race that plans are already underway to do it again this Summer (this time with the Ferrari 333 SP's).

                              In terms of scale accuracy, most of our club members are not "measurebators" so we don't lose sleep over a millimeter here or a millimeter there. We buy slot cars first and foremost to race them - if we wanted scale accuracy we'd buy diecasts. We don't race the RevoSlots against other makes/models - instead they are a separate class unto themselves. If you're looking for a class of cars that requires minimal tuning, are generally equally matched, and just a lot of fun to race, give the RevoSlots a try.

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                              Steve - Connecticut, U.S.A. - Shoreline Model Raceways Club